Interserie is the name of a European-based motorsport series started in 1970 that allows for a wide variety of racing cars from various eras and series to compete with less limited rules than in other series.

Created in 1970 by German Gerhard Härle, it is inspired by English races of the 1960s for Group 7 machinery and by the Nordic Challenge Cup which had run in 1969 in Finland and Sweden. Initially using the Group 7 formula similar to that used by Can-Am in North America, the series would evolve to include open-wheel cars with sports-car style full bodywork from CART, Formula One, Formula 3000, Formula 3 and various other series, as well as Group C sports cars.

Although the teams are not as limitless in their modifications or powerplants, the series continues to run today, mostly with various open-wheel cars without full bodywork that became obsolete in current championship series.

Starting from 1999, the Interserie lost its international status and became a Central European championship with sprint races organised by the Automobilclub von Deutschland, mostly for modified formula cars.


Year Overall Champion
1970   Jürgen Neuhaus
1971   Leo Kinnunen
1972   Leo Kinnunen
1973   Leo Kinnunen
1974   Herbert Müller
1975   Herbert Müller
1976   Herbert Müller
1977   Helmut Bross
1978   Reinhold Joest
1979   Kurt Lotterschmid
1980   Kurt Lotterschmid
1981   Roland Binder
1982   Roland Binder
1983   Walter Lechner
1984   Klaus Niedzwiedz
1985   Roland Binder
  Div. I Div. II
1986   "John Winter"   Roland Binder
1987   Walter Lechner   Karl Hasenbichler
1988   Jochen Dauer   Rolf Götz
1989   Walter Lechner   Rolf Götz
1990   Bernd Schneider   Rolf Götz
1991   Bernd Schneider   Karl Hasenbichler
1992   Manuel Reuter   Karl Hasenbichler
1993   Giovanni Lavaggi   Ranieri Randaccio
1994   Johan Rajamäki   Walter Lechner
  Div. I Div. II Div. III
1995   Karl-Heinz Becker   Walter Lechner   Robbie Stirling
  Div. I Div. II
1996   Robbie Stirling   Walter Lechner
1997   Josef Neuhauser   Joachim Ryschka
  Div. I Div. II Div. III
1998   Josef Neuhauser   Alfred Guldi   Martin Krisam Jr.
1999   Jaromír Zdražil   Vlasto Matouš   Karl-Heinz Becker
2000   Rolf-Thorsten Dietrich   Frank Schierig   Josef Neuhauser
2001   Christoph Haingartner   Christian Hauser   Josef Neuhauser
2002   Rolf-Thorsten Dietrich   Jean-Claude Monbaron   Walter Leitgeb
  Div. II Div. III Div. IV
2003   Rolf-Thorsten Dietrich   Jean-Claude Monbaron   Walter Leitgeb
2004   Peter Milavec   Thomas Wolfert   Hans-Peter Voigt
  Div. I Div. II Div. III Div. IV
2005   Sabrina Hungerbühler   Hans-Peter Voigt   Peter Milavec   Marcel Baierle
  Div. II Div. III Div. IV
2006   Hans-Peter Voigt   Peter Milavec   Marek Schramm
  Div. I Div. II Div. III
2007   Peter Milavec   Marcel Baierle   Hans-Peter Voigt
2008   Peter Milavec   Thomas Conrad   Hans-Peter Voigt
  Div. I Div. II Div. III Div. IV
2009   Peter Randlshofer   Dr. Thomas Keller   no champion   Lars Erichson


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