1976 IPSC Handgun World Shoot

The 1976 IPSC Handgun World Shoot II held in Berndorf, Salzburg, Austria[1] was the second IPSC Handgun World Shoot, and was won by Jan Foss of Norway in front of Ray Chapman of United States by a small margin. Foss had been unknown before the championship and did not participate internationally afterwards.

1976 IPSC Handgun World Shoot II
LocationBerndorf, Salzburg, Austria
Competitors160 from 13 nations
gold medal 
silver medal 
bronze medal 


Jan Foss used a 9x19 mm single stack SIG P210 in minor power factor with an 8 round capacity, while Ray Chapman used a 7 round capacity 1911 in major caliber .45 ACP. The Rhodesian teammates Dave Westerhout, Peter Maunder and Dave Arnold were handicapped in that they only had been able to bring two pistols to share, but the night before the championship the sight broke off one of the pistol so all three had to share a single pistol throughout the championship.


Overall Competitor Points Percent
  Gold   Jan Foss 379 100.00%
  Silver   Ray Chapman 375 98.94%
  Bronze   Lionel Smith 374 98.68%
4th   Dave Westerhout 369 97.36%
5th   Vidar Nakling 367 96.83%
6th   Ronald Lerch 357 94.20%
  Erik Braathen 357 94.20%
  Peter Maunder 357 94.20%
9th   Johnny Hoffman 349 92.08%
10th   Svein Tangen 348 91.82%

The team competition became a sensational competition between Rhodesia and Norway, and in the end only 29 points separated the two. The USA team had been favorites before the championship, but had to settle for third place 185 points behind Rhodesia and 156 points behind Norway.

Overall Country Points Percent Team members
  Gold   Rhodesia 1763 100.00% Dave Westerhout (Team Captain), Lionel Smith, Peter Maunder, Alex du Plessis and Dave Arnold
  Silver   Norway 1734 98.36%
  Bronze   United States 1578 89.51%
4th   South Africa 1566 88.83%
5th   West Germany 1562 88.60%
6th   Austria 1533 86.95%

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