1977 IPSC Handgun World Shoot

The 1977 IPSC Handgun World Shoot III was held in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) at the end of August, and was the third IPSC Handgun World Shoot, and was won by Dave Westerhout in front of his Rhodesian teammate and second-place winner Peter Maunder by 116.403 points and third-place winner Raul Walters of United States with further 41.741 points.

1977 IPSC Handgun World Shoot III
LocationSalisbury, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)
gold medal 
silver medal 
bronze medal 

After the World Shoot, Westerhout was also honoured as the Rhodesian Sportsman of the Year for 1977 and was awarded the John Hopley Memorial Trophy.

Up till 1977 the World Shoots had been held once a year, but subsequent championships were to be held once every two years.


Dave Westerhout shot minor power factor using a double stack Browning Hi-Power in 9x19mm equipped with an aluminum Bomar sight rib and a stock 13 round capacity. Silver winner Peter Maunder of Rhodesia also shot 9x19 mm minor using a Hi-power, while bronze winner Raul Walters of USA shot a 7-round capacity 1911 in major caliber .45 ACP. Fourth place Vidar Nakling from Norway used an 8-round capacity SIG P210 in 9x19mm minor. Fifth place Tommy Campbell of USA and sixth place Ray Chapman of USA both used major 7 round capacity 1911's in major .45 ACP like the bronze winner Raul Walters.



Both Ray Chapman and Dave Westerhout was highly seeded before the match. Dave had already represented both Great Britain and Rhodesia in international competitions, and later also represented Zimbabwe at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Rapid Fire Pistol.

Overall Competitor Points Percent
  Gold   Dave Westerhout 1960.433 100.00%
  Silver   Peter Maunder 1844.030 94.06%
  Bronze   Raul Walters 1802.289 91.93%
4th   Vidar Nakling 1802.272 91.93%
5th   Tom Campbell 1793.337 91.48%
6th   Ray Chapman 1778.371 90.71%
7th   Lionel Smith 1776.675 90.63%
8th   Jerry Usher 1741.721 88.84%
9th   Ron Lerch 1731.898 88.34%
10th   Leonard Knight 1719.523 87.71%

After six days of shooting the Rhodesian team claimed its second World Championship win in a row with the small margin of 41.010 points to the U.S. team. During the match there was never many points separating the two teams and the lead was traded throughout the match. Finally the results had to checked with a computer, and it wasn't until some time after the shooting was over that the Rhodesian team was declared as winners. South Africa came in third followed by Great Britain, West Germany and Belgium.

Overall Country Points Percent Team members
  Gold   Rhodesia 8776.064 100.00% Dave Westerhout (Team Captain), Lionel Smith, Alex du Plessis, Andy Langley and Peter Boniface
  Silver   United States 8735.054 99.53%
  Bronze   South Africa 7808.542 88.98%
4th   Great Britain 7437.616 73.67%
5th   West Germany 6941.581 79.10%
6th   Belgium 6465.203 73.67%

(Other teams: Australia, Norway, and Switzerland.)

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