1958 Cup of the Ukrainian SSR

The 1958 Ukrainian Cup was a football knockout competition conducting by the Football Federation of the Ukrainian SSR and was known as the Ukrainian Cup.

1958 Ukrainian Amateur Cup
CountrySoviet Union (Ukrainian SSR)
ChampionsFC Torpedo Kharkiv
Runners-upFC Avanhard Ternopil
1959 KFK →


Tournament distributionEdit

The competition was conducted among 21 clubs out of 80 participants of the 1958 Football Championship and 7 other non-"teams of masters" FC Uzyn, Shakhta Holubivka Kadiivka, Spartak Shopla, FC KremHESbud, Budivelnyk Mykolaiv, Avanhard Pryluky, Metalist Sevastopol.

First round
(24 teams)
Second round
(16 teams)
  • 12 winners from the First round

Non-participating "teams of masters"Edit

The Ukrainian teams of masters did not take part in the competition.

Competition scheduleEdit

First elimination roundEdit

FC Avanhard Chernivtsi (Rep) 4:2 (Rep) FC Khimik Kalush
FC Naftovyk Drohobych (Rep) 3:2 (Rep) FC Avanhard Vynohradovo
FC Uzyn 0:5 (Rep) FC Avanhard Zhytomyr[a]
FC Torpedo Sumy (Rep) 0:3 (Rep) FC Torpedo Kharkiv
FC Azovstal Zhdanov[b] (Rep) 2:0 FC Shakhta Holubivka Kadiivka
FC Lokomotyv Poltava (Rep) 6:0 FC Spartak Shpola
FC Metalurh Kerch (Rep) 2:3 (Rep) FC Metalurh Nikopol[c]
FC KremHESbud 2:0 FC Budivelnyk Mykolaiv
FC Avanhard Kherson (Rep) 1:2 (Rep) SKVO Odessa
FC Avanhard Pryluky 2:1 (Rep) FC Torpedo Kyiv
GDO? Lutsk (Rep) +:– (Rep) FC Vinnytsia
FC Dynamo Khmelnytskyi (Rep) +:– (Rep) FC Spartak Dubno

Second elimination roundEdit

Byes: Avanhard Ternopil, Avanhard Lviv, Mashynobudivnyk Zaporizhia, Metalist Sevastopol

FC Avanhard Ternopil (Rep) 4:0 (Rep) FC Avanhard Lviv
FC Avanhard Chernivtsi (Rep) 3:0 (Rep) FC Naftovyk Drohobych
GDO? Lutsk (Rep) 3:1 (Rep) FC Dynamo Khmelnytskyi
FC Avanhard Zhytomyr (Rep) 4:0 FC Avanhard Pryluky
FC Torpedo Kharkiv (Rep) 4:1 (Rep) FC Azovstal Zhdanov
SKVO Odessa (Rep) 1:0 (Rep) FC Lokomotyv Poltava
FC Metalurh Nikopol (Rep) 3:1 FC KremHESbud
FC Mashynobudivnyk Zaporizhia (Rep) 3:2 FC Metalist Sevastopol


FC Avanhard Ternopil (Rep) 2:1 (Rep) FC Avanhard Chernivtsi
GDO? Lutsk (Rep) 3:1 (Rep) FC Avanhard Zhytomyr
FC Mashynobudivnyk Zaporizhia (Rep) 0:2 (Rep) FC Torpedo Kharkiv
SKVO Odessa (Rep) 2:0 (Rep) FC Metalurh Nikopol


FC Avanhard Ternopil (Rep) 1:0 (Rep) GDO? Lutsk
FC Torpedo Kharkiv (Rep) 0:0 (Rep) SKVO Odessa (replay)
FC Torpedo Kharkiv (Rep) 3:2 (Rep) SKVO Odessa


The final was held in Ternopil.

Top goalscorersEdit

Scorer Goals Team

Ukrainian Cup 1958 Winners

FC Torpedo Kharkiv
First title

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