1945 in sports

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Note — many sporting events did not take place because of World War II

1945 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.

American football edit

Association football edit


  • With the end of World War II, the FA Cup is reinstated for the 1945–46 season; played on a two–legged basis. However, clubs are not yet prepared for a full league programme, so the Football League does not resume; regional leagues remain for another year.






Yugoslavia (Serbia)

Australian rules football edit

Baseball edit

Basketball edit

NBL Championship




Cricket edit



  • 23 November – With the lifting of bans on weekday sport at the end of World War II, first-class cricket is played in Australia for the first time since 1 December 1941. The Sheffield Shield, however, is not contested until the following season.


New Zealand

  • 24 December: The Plunket Shield is resumed after having not been contested, despite a small number of interprovincial first-class matches, since 1939–40.

South Africa

  • 15 December: With the end of World War II, first-class cricket is played in South Africa for the first time since 14 March 1943, though the last regular interprovincial matches had been in 1939–40.

Cycling edit

Tour de France

Giro d'Italia

Figure skating edit

World Figure Skating Championships

Golf edit

Men's professional

Men's amateur

Women's professional

Horse racing edit


Hurdle races

Flat races

Ice hockey edit

Motor racing edit

Rowing edit

The Boat Race

Rugby league edit

Rugby union edit

Speed skating edit

Speed Skating World Championships

Tennis edit





Davis Cup

  • 1945 International Lawn Tennis Challenge – not contested

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