1914 U.S. National Championships (tennis)

The 1914 U.S. National Championships (now known as the US Open) took place on the outdoor grass courts at the Newport Casino in Newport, United States. The men's singles tournament ran from 24 August until 1 September while the women's singles and doubles championship took place from 8 June to 13 June at the Philadelphia Cricket Club in Chestnut Hill. It was the 34th staging of the U.S. National Championships, and the second Grand Slam tennis event of the year. It was the final edition of the national championships held at the Newport Casino in Newport, Rhode Island before relocation to the West Side Tennis Club at Forest Hills, New York.

1914 U.S. National Championships
Date24 August – 1 September (M)
8 June – 13 June (W)
CategoryGrand Slam
SurfaceGrass (outdoor)
LocationNewport, R.I., United States (M)
Philadelphia, PA, United States (W)
VenueNewport Casino (M)
Philadelphia Cricket Club (W)
Men's singles
United States R. Norris Williams[1]
Women's singles
United States Mary Browne[1]
Men's doubles
United States Maurice McLoughlin / United States Tom Bundy[2]
Women's doubles
United States Mary Browne / United States Louise Riddell Williams[3]
Mixed doubles
United States Mary Browne / United States Bill Tilden[4]
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Participation in the tournament was affected by the outbreak of World War I. The 1914 Wimbledon finalists Norman Brookes and Anthony Wilding had won the Davis Cup for Australasia two weeks before the tournament, defeating the United States team in the challenge round played at the West Side Tennis Club in New York. Both players were entered for the U.S. National Championships but withdrew and returned to England.[5][6]


Men's singlesEdit

  R. Norris Williams defeated   Maurice McLoughlin 6–3, 8–6, 10–8

Women's singlesEdit

  Mary Browne defeated   Marie Wagner 6–2, 1–6, 6–1

Men's doublesEdit

  Maurice McLoughlin /   Tom Bundy defeated   George Church /   Dean Mathey 6–4, 6–2, 6–4

Women's doublesEdit

  Mary Browne /   Louise Riddell Williams defeated   Louise Hammond Raymond /   Edna Wildey 10–8, 6–2

Mixed doublesEdit

  Mary Browne /   Bill Tilden defeated   Margarette Myers /   J. R. Rowland 6–1, 6–4


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