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1900 UCI Track Cycling World Championships

The 1900 UCI Track Cycling World Championships were the World Championship for track cycling. They took place in Paris, France from 12 to 18 August 1900.[1] Four events for men were contested, two for professionals and two for amateurs. Apart from the four events a tandem event was organized. This race has never been officially recognized. The Dutch duo Harrie Meyers-Fernando Tomaselli won ahead of the French duo Edmond Jacquelin-Lucien Louvet and the French-American duo Charles Vanoni-Robert Protin. Because the race was not official the medalists are not listed in the list of Tandem World Champions.

1900 UCI Track Cycling World Championships
VenueParis, France
Date(s) (1900-08-12 - 1900-08-18)12–18 August 1900
Events4 + 1 unofficial tandem event
← 1899
1901 →

Medal summaryEdit

Medal tableEdit

1  France (FRA)3137
2  Belgium (BEL)1001
3  Netherlands (NED)0101
  Norway (NOR)0101
  United States (USA)0101
6  Germany (GER)0011
Totals (6 nations)44412


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