1868 in New Zealand

The following lists events that happened during 1868 in New Zealand.

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Government and lawEdit

The 4th Parliament continues. The first four Māori MPs are elected in 1868.

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  • 1–6 February: The Great storm of 1868 sweeps across the country causing major damage and loss of life.[1]
  • 1 June: The New Zealand Advertiser, which had been absorbed into the New Zealand Times in 1867, is revived. It ceases publication for good in December.[2]
  • 13 August: A tsunami caused by the 1868 Arica earthquake in South America causes the only fatalities recorded from tsunamis in New Zealand, with about twenty people swept away in the Chatham Islands.
  • 24 August: Wanganui Horticultural Society established.[3]
  • Nelson Football Club founded.[4]
  • 2 November: New Zealand Mean Time adopted throughout the colony; New Zealand may be the first country to have adopted a standard time throughout the country.
  • Coromandel Gold Rush (1867–68)



The Basin Reserve is first used for cricket.[5]

Horse racingEdit

Major race winnersEdit

  • New Zealand Cup: Flying Jib
  • New Zealand Derby: Flying Jib


Ballinger Belt: Sergeant Taylor (Otago)


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