1866 in New Zealand

The following lists events that happened during 1866 in New Zealand.

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Regal and viceregalEdit

Government and lawEdit

The 1866 election is held between 12 February and 6 April. After the election the 4th Parliament commences.

Main centre leadersEdit


  • The Canterbury Standard ceases publication. The Christchurch newspaper started in 1854.[1]
  • 5 March: The Nelson Evening Mail publishes its first issue. The Mail was the first daily newspaper published in Nelson. It changed its name to The Nelson Mail in 1993, and continues to publish today.[2]
  • 18 March: The Greymouth Evening Star publishes its first issue. The newspaper continues to publish today.[3]
  • 21 April: The Marlborough Express publishes its first issue.[3] It became daily in 1880,[4] and continues to publish today.
  • May: The New Zealander stops publishing after its office burns down. The Auckland-based newspaper started publishing in 1845.[5]
  • 26 August: The Cook Strait telegraph cable between Whites Bay, Marlborough and Lyall Bay, Wellington is inaugurated for inter-island telegrams.[6]
  • 22 September: The Ross Guardian starts publication.[7] The newspaper continued until 1879.[8]
  • 12 October: The Battle of Omaranui takes place near Napier.[9]


Horse racingEdit

Major race winnersEdit

  • New Zealand Cup winner: Naurmahal
  • New Zealand Derby winner: Nebula


The Union Rowing Club of Christchurch is formed.[10]

Star Boating Club is established, as of 2009 the oldest sporting club in Wellington.[11]


Ballinger Belt: Sergeant Christie (Otago)



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