1865 in New Zealand

The following lists events that happened during 1865 in New Zealand.

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Regal and viceregalEdit

Government and lawEdit

The 3rd Parliament continues.

Main centre leadersEdit


  • The New Zealand Exhibition in Dunedin runs from 12 January until 6 May 1865.[1]
  • The Capital of New Zealand is moved from Auckland to Wellington.[2]
  • The Marlborough Times ceases publication. It was founded in 1864.[3]
  • February – The start of the West Coast Gold Rush with rumours of gold being found.
  • 18 February: The Press in Christchurch starts publishing a magazine, The Weekly Press. The magazine ran until 1928.[4]
  • May — The West Coast Times is founded. It began as a weekly newspaper and became a daily in January 1866. It ceased publishing in 1917.[5]
  • 26 July: Parliament officially sits in Wellington for the first time, in the former Provincial Council chambers. (see also 1862)
  • 30 August: The New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian publishes its last issue. It began in 1844.[6]
  • November: The Grey River Argus begins publication in Greymouth. It published three times a week until becoming daily in 1871. The paper folded in 1966.[7]


Horse racingEdit

The race which becomes the New Zealand Cup in 1883, is run for the first time at Riccarton Racecourse.[8]

Major race winnersEdit

  • New Zealand Cup: Rob Roy
  • New Zealand Derby: Egremont


The Star Boating Club is formed in Wellington.[8] (other sources state 1867[9])


Ballinger Belt: No competition





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