1844 New Jersey gubernatorial election

The 1844 New Jersey gubernatorial election was held on October 8, 1844. Whig nominee Charles C. Stratton defeated Democratic nominee John Renshaw Thomson with 50.94% of the vote.

1844 New Jersey gubernatorial election

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Nominee Charles C. Stratton John Renshaw Thomson
Party Whig Democratic
Popular vote 37,985 36,581
Percentage 50.94% 49.06%

1844 New Jersey gubernatorial election Results (Actual).png
Blue represents counties won by John Renshaw Thomson and Yellow represents counties won by Charles C. Stratton

Governor before election

Daniel Haines

Elected Governor

Charles C. Stratton

This was the first election held under the New Jersey Constitution of 1844, which was adopted on June 29 and reformed the state government, notably establishing an independent executive branch. Before 1844, New Jersey Governors were elected by a majority of the General Assembly and held office as a member of that body.[1] Although the new constitution formally lifted the constitutional property requirement for suffrage, it added race and sex requirements; only white males over the age of 21 were eligible to vote in this election.[2]

General electionEdit



1844 New Jersey gubernatorial election[3]
Party Candidate Votes %
Whig Charles C. Stratton 37,985 50.94%
Democratic John Renshaw Thomson 36,581 49.06%
Majority 1,404 1.88%
Whig gain from Democratic


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