This article contains information about the literary events and publications of 1738.

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  • Mark Akenside (anonymously) – A British Philippic
  • Elizabeth Carter (anonymously) – Poems Upon Particular Occasions
  • John GayFables: Volume the Second
  • Eugenio Gerardo LoboObras poéticas líricas
  • Samuel JohnsonLondon, A Poem, on the Third Satire of Juvenal
  • Alexander Pope
    • The Sixth Epistle of the First Book of Horace Imitated
    • The First Epistle of the First Book of Horace Imitated
    • (with Jonathan Swift) An Imitation of the Sixth Satire of the Second Book of Horace
    • One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Eight
    • The Universal Prayer
    • One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Eight: Dialogue II
  • James ThomsonThe Works of Mr Thomson
  • Diego de Torres VillarroelJuguetes de Talia, entretenimiento del numen
  • John WesleyA Collection of Psalms and Hymns (first English edition)

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