1656 in literature

This article contains information about the literary events and publications of 1656.

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  • April 25 – In London, the Council of State, usually busy with larger matters, has taken on the censorship of individual books and orders Robert Tichborne, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, to burn a volume entitled Sportive Wit, or the Muses' Merriment for its "scandalous, lascivious, scurrilous, and profane matter".[1]
  • May 9Choice Drollery, Songs, and Sonnets is ordered to be destroyed by Britain's Council of State.
  • July 27Baruch Spinoza is excluded from the Jewish religious community in Amsterdam.[2]
  • September – The Siege of Rhodes, Part I, by Sir William Davenant, the "first English opera" (under the guise of a recitative), is performed in a private theatre at his home, Rutland House, in the City of London. This includes the innovative use of painted backdrops and the appearance of England's first professional actress, Mrs. Coleman as Ianthe.<ref">Richard W. Bevis (6 June 2014). English Drama: Restoration and Eighteenth Century 1660-1789. Routledge. p. 19. ISBN 978-1-317-87092-0.</ref>
  • November 12John Milton marries Katherine Woodcock at St Mary Aldermanbury, London.[3]
  • unknown date – Two playbooks published in London in this year, The Careless Shepherdess and The Old Law, contain the first "play lists" or catalogs of published dramas ever issued in England.

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