The year 1536 in science and technology included a number of events, some of which are listed here.

List of years in science (table)

Botany edit

  • Charles Estienne publishes Seminarium, et Plantarium fructiferarum praesertim arborum quae post hortos conseri solent, Denuo auctum & locupletatum. Huic accessit alter libellus de conserendis arboribus in seminario: deque iis in plantarium transserendis atque inserendis in Paris.
  • Jean Ruelle publishes De Natura stirpium libri tres in Paris, the first general descriptive botany to be printed.

Exploration edit

Mathematics edit

  • Adam Ries publishes his book of tables for calculating everyday prices Ein Gerechent Büchlein auff den Schöffel Eimer vnd Pfundtgewicht…

Physiology and medicine edit

  • German physician Johann Dryander (Eichmann) publishes Anatomia capitis humani in Marburg, the first book on the anatomy of the human head.[1]
  • Charles Estienne publishes De vasculis libellus, adulescentulorum causa ex Baysio decerptus. Addita vulgari Latinarum vocum interpretatione in Paris and De re vestiaria libellus, ex Bayfio excerptus: addita vulgaris linguae interpretatione, in adulescentulorum gratiam atque utilitatem in Lyon.
  • Paracelsus publishes his work on surgery, Die grosse Wundartzney, in Ulm.
  • Sir Thomas Elyot publishes his popular medical text, The Castel of Helth, in London.

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References edit

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