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The 13th Huading Awards ceremony was held on August 27, 2014 in Shanghai.[1]

13th Huading Awards
DateAugust 27, 2014

Nominations and winnersEdit

Complete list of nominees and winners (denoted in bold)

Best Director Best Screenwriter
  • Liu Jiang - Let's Get Married
    • Zheng Xiaolong - The New Story of Editorial Department
    • Kang Honglei - See Without Looking
    • Guan Hu - Fire Line, Three Brothers
    • Wen Zhang - Little Daddy
  • Guo Jingyu, Dai Junqing, Xiao Shaoquan - Dog Stick
    • Geling Yan - Mother Will Marry
    • Meng Yao - Let's Get Married
    • Wang Zhaozhuang - Search Path
    • Guo Baojing - The Mansion 1912
Best Actor Best Actress
Best Actor (Ancient Drama) Best Actress (Ancient Drama)
Best Actor (Revolution-Era Drama) Best Actress (Revolution-Era Drama)
  • Cao Bingkun - Shen Tou
    • Hu Jun - Old Days in Shanghai
    • Yu Xiaowei - Chuang Guan Dong: Prequel
    • Zhang Hanyu - Fire Line, Three Brothers
    • Yang Zhigang - Dog Stick
Best Actor (Contemporary Drama) Best Actress (Contemporary Drama)
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
Best New Actor Best New Actress
  • Wang Like - Cha Song
Best Producer
Top 10 Dramas Audience's Favorite Stars
Best OST Best Production Company
  • See (看見) (See Without Looking OST) - Tan Jing
    • Finally Waited For You (終於等到你) (Lets Get Married OST) - Jane Zhang
    • Meeting is better than Missing (相見不如懷念) (Little Daddy OST) - Fan Fan
    • Treasure (珍惜) (Legend of Lu Zhen OST) - Li Yuchun
    • Live For Your Dreams (為夢而活) (Mother Will Marry OST) - Mao Amin
  • Perfect World
    • Benmountain Media Group
    • TVB
    • Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV Production
    • Huayi Brothers
Outstanding Achievement Award Media Popularity Award


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