Huang Bo (Chinese: 黄渤; pinyin: Huáng Bó; born 26 August 1974) is a Chinese actor and singer. He was born in Qingdao, Shandong and graduated from Beijing Film Academy.[1][2][3]

Huang Bo
Huang Bo.JPG
Born (1974-08-26) 26 August 1974 (age 45)
EducationBeijing Film Academy
OccupationActor, singer
Years active2000-present
Xiao Ou (m. 2007)
AwardsGolden Horse AwardsBest Leading Actor
2009 Cow (film)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese黃渤
Simplified Chinese黄渤

Li ranked 34th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2013,[4] 62nd in 2014,[5] 22nd in 2015,[6] 30th in 2017,[7] and 2nd in 2019.[8]

Early lifeEdit

Huang Bo was born in Qingdao, in 1974. His parents both worked in the government. Before Huang became an actor, he was a bar singer, dance instructor, film dubber, and factory owner. During his time singing in bars, he even had his own band, "Blue Sand Wind". In 2000, his friend Gao Hu introduced him to director Guan Hu by chance, which began Huang's acting career.


In 2000, Huang Bo wanted to study in the Beijing Film Academy, however, he didn’t receive the admission for the first time he applied. In 2002, Huang Bo finally got admitted to the Academy, studying in dubbing. Two years later, Huang Bo graduated from college, and became a professional voice actor.[9] Before Huang Bo's breakout role in the 2006 film Crazy Stone, he had several small roles in different TV series.

In the year of 2006, Huang Bo participated in director Ning Hao’s latest film Crazy Stone, which garnered him much exposure.[10] In 2007, Huang won his first major award, for Best Supporting Actor at the 7th Chinese Film Media Awards . Moreover, his performance in the film Cow won him the Best Actor award at the 46th Golden Horse Awards.[11]

Huang Bo was considered as one of the top actors in China in 2010.[12] During the two years between 2010 and 2011, Huang Bo performed in 5 films, and also started his music career.[13]

In 2012, Huang's comedy film Lost in Thailand became the top-grossing domestic film at the Chinese box-office.[14] He also starred in the suspense film Design of Death, which earned him Best Actor awards at the Beijing College Student Film Festival and China Film Directors' Guild Award.[15]

In 2013, Huang starred in Stephen Chow's shenmo blockbuster film, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons playing Sun Wukong.[16] He appeared for free in the comedy film The Chef, the Actor, the Scoundrel directed by Guan Hu,[17][18] and the noir film thriller No Man's Land where he played a killer.[19] With his films, Huang became the top-grossing actor of 2013.[20]

In 2014, Huang starred in Peter Chan's film on child-abduction, Dearest as a devastated father whose son was abducted;[21] which earned him Best Actor nominations at several film awards.[22] The same year he starred alongside Xu Zheng in the comedy film Breakup Buddies, which became one of the top-grossing domestic films at the Chinese box-office.[23]

In 2015, Huang co-starred in the fantasy blockbuster Mojin: The Lost Legend, which became one of the highest grossing films in China..[24]

In 2017, Huang won the Golden Goblet Award for his performance in the crime film The Conformist.[25][26] The same year he headlined the science fiction film Battle of Memories.[27]

In 2018, he launched his directorial debut The Island.[28]

In 2019, it was announced that Huang will play Jiang Ziya in the upcoming fantasy film series Fengshen Trilogy directed by Wuershan. The film is based on the novel Investiture of the Gods.[29]

Personal lifeEdit

The nickname of Huang Bo's wife is Xiao Ou, and they married in 2007. Huang Bo's daughter was born in July, 2011.



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2000 Get In, and Go 上车,走吧 Gao Ming
2006 Crazy Stone 疯狂的石头 Heipi
The Jimmy Hat 新街口 Er Zi
Big Movie 大电影之数百亿 Pan Zhiqiang
A Promise That Will Be Kept 一诺千金 Xi Liang
2007 Hooked on You 每当变幻时 Porky [30]
Air Diary 飞行日志 Lao Xian'er Cameo[31]
2008 Kung Fu Dunk 功夫灌籃 Master Huang [32]
Fit Lover 爱情呼叫转移2:爱情左右 Male angel [33]
2009 Happy 高兴 Shi Renao [34]
Iron Man 铁人 Zhao Yilin [35]
Radish Warrior 倔强萝卜 Luo [36]
Crazy Racer 疯狂的赛车 Geng Hao [37]
Cow 斗牛 Niu Er
Tiny Dust,True Love 寻找微尘 Liang Bo [38]
2010 Just Another Pandora's Box 越光宝盒 Zhou Yu [39]
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen 精武风云·陈真 Inspector Huang Hao Long [40]
2011 The Pretending Lovers 假装情侣 Chen [41]
The Story of David 蛋炒饭 David [42]
3 Idiots N/A Voice actor (Mandarin dub)[43]
2012 Black & White Episode I: The Dawn of Assault 痞子英雄之全面开战 Xu Dafu [44]
Crazy Dinner Party 饭局也疯狂 Jia Ming [45]
Guns and Roses 黄金大劫案 Agent Cameo[46]
Design of Death 杀生 Niu Jieshi
Lost in Thailand 人再囧途之泰囧 Gao Bo
2013 Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons 西游·降魔篇 Sun Wukong
Say Yes! 101次求婚 Huang Da [47]
The Chef, the Actor, the Scoundrel 厨子戏子痞子 Pi zi (Scoundrel)
No Man's Land 无人区 Killer (Lao'er)
2014 Dearest 亲爱的 Tian Wenjun
Breakup Buddies 心花路放 Geng Hao
Black & White: The Dawn of Justice 痞子英雄2 Xu Dafu Cameo[48]
I Am a Wolf 我是狼之火龙山大冒险 Voice actor[49]
2015 Mojin: The Lost Legend 鬼吹灯之寻龙诀 Wang Kaixuan
2016 Royal Treasure 极限挑战之皇家宝藏 Huang Bo [50]
2017 Buddies in India 大闹天竺 Tang Chasu Cameo[51]
Battle of Memories 记忆大师 Jiang Feng
The Conformist 冰之下 Wang Haibo
2018 Secret Superstar N/A Singer (Mandarin dub)[43]
The Island 一出好戏 Ma Jin Director
2019 Crazy Alien 疯狂的外星人 Geng Hao [52]
My People, My Country 我和我的祖国 [53]
Gone with the Light 被光抓走的人 [54]
2020 Lost in Russia 囧妈 Cameo
Back to the Wharf 风平浪静 [55]
Fengshen Trilogy 封神三部曲 Jiang Ziya


Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2002 Black Hole 黑洞 Tang Wenjun
Servant Girls in the Red Mansions 红楼丫头 Xing'er
2005 Labor of the Survival 生存之民工 Xue Liu [56]
2007 Dead End Heaven 幻想之旅 Hu Anzhi [57]
2008 Being Alive 活着真好 Xue Liu
2010 The Outlander 外乡人 Ququ [58]
2012 A Unique Militiaman 民兵葛二蛋 Ge Erdan [59]
2013 Troubled Times Three Brothers 火线三兄弟 Tian Sanlin [60]
2014 Blade 锋刃 Shen Xilin [61]
2015 Once Upon a Time in Qingdao 青岛往事 Wang Mancang [62]


Year Award Category Nominated work Ref.
2007 7th Chinese Film Media Awards Best Supporting Actor Crazy Stone [63]
2009 46th Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards Best Actor Cow [64]
12th Golden Phoenix Awards Society Award [65]
2010 17th Beijing College Student Film Festival Best Actor [66]
2013 4th China Film Director's Guild Awards Best Actor Design of Death [67]
20th Beijing College Student Film Festival Best Actor [68]
1st China International Film Festival London Best Supporting Actor Lost in Thailand [69]
2014 8th Asian Film Awards Best Supporting Actor No Man's Land [70]
1st Vancouver Chinese Film Festival Best Actor [71]
14th Chinese Film Media Awards Most Anticipated Actor Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons [72]
2015 15th Golden Phoenix Awards Society Award N/A [73]
2017 20th Shanghai International Film Festival Best Actor The Conformist [26]


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