1334 papal conclave

The 1334 papal conclave (13 December to 20 December) elected Jacques Fournier as Pope Benedict XII to succeed Pope John XXII.

Papal conclave
Dates and location
Palais des Papes, Avignon
CandidatesJean-Raymond de Comminges
Elected pope
Jacques Fournier
Name taken: Benedict XII
Benoît XII Paolo de Siena 1341 crypte de St Pierre de Rome.jpg
1342 →


Twenty-four cardinals attended the conclave of December 1334.[1] Their names are listed by Konrad Eubel in Hierarchia catholica.[2]


An early favorite among the papabile was Cardinal Jean-Raymond de Comminges, Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina, son of Count Bernard VI of Comminges and Laura de Montfort. The French cardinals, led by Elie de Talleyrand-Périgord, naturally did not want to leave their native France for the plague-infested and unfriendly city of Rome. And since the Orsini faction wanted to return to Rome, the Colonna faction chose the opposite and joined the French.[3] A sufficient number of cardinals agreed to support him (2/3, or a minimum of 16 in number). Thus he could have been elected Pope had he been willing to swear to a condition not to return the papacy to Rome.[4] Understandably, he refused his consent to the election on those terms.[5]

The Cistercian cardinal, Jacques Fournier, was elected on the evening of 20 December 1334, after Vespers, on the eighth day of the conclave.[6]

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia:

The cardinals in conclave, most of whom opposed a return to Rome, demanded of Cardinal de Comminges, whose election seemed assured, the promise to remain at Avignon. His refusal precipitated an unexpected canvass for candidates. On the first ballot, 20 December 1334, many electors, intending to sound the mind of the conclave, voted for the unlikely Cardinal Fournier, who, though he was one of the few men of real merit in the college, was but lightly regarded because of his obscure origin and lack of wealth and following. He amazed the conclave by receiving the necessary two-thirds vote. On 8 January 1335, he was enthroned as Benedict XII.[7]


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