Šavnik Municipality

Šavnik Municipality is one of the municipalities of Montenegro. The municipality is located in northwestern part of Montenegro, being part of Durmitor region. The administrative center is small town of Šavnik.[1]

Šavnik Municipality

Opština Šavnik
Coat of arms of Šavnik Municipality
Coat of arms
Šavnik Municipality in Montenegro
Šavnik Municipality in Montenegro
 • Total553 km2 (214 sq mi)
Postal code
Area code+382 40
ISO 3166-2 codeME-18
Car platesŠN

Geography and locationEdit

Šavnik is located at the confluence of three rivers - Bukovica, Bijela and Šavnik, at an altitude of 840 meters. The municipality is located in north-western region of Montenegro in the Drobnjaci region, named after the local clan of Drobnjaci.[2] Population of Šavnik and entire municipality is since in slow but steady decline. Most of the residents are migrating to Nikšić and southern Montenegro, and Šavnik is often a synonym for a poor and deteriorating town. Šavnik is situated on a regional road between Nikšić (45 km) and Žabljak (15 km), and it is its only link with the rest of Montenegro.

Local parliamentEdit

Parties and coalitions Seats Gov't.
Democratic Party of Socialists and Social Democrats 19 Yes
Socialist People's Party and Democratic Front 8 No
Democratic Montenegro (Democrats) 3 No


Town of Šavnik is administrative centre of Šavnik municipality, which has 2,947 residents. The town of Šavnik itself has a population of 570. Šavnik municipality has the smallest population of all municipalities of Montenegro. The town of Šavnik is also the seat of municipality in Montenegro with fewest residents.[3]



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