České Středohoří

The České středohoří, also known as Central Bohemian Uplands[1] or Central Bohemian Highlands,[2] is a geomorphological region in northern Bohemia of the Czech Republic.

Central Bohemian Uplands
Milešovka (left) and Kletečná as seen from Lovoš
Highest point
Elevation837 m (2,746 ft)
Coordinates50°35′00″N 14°07′30″E / 50.5833°N 14.125°E / 50.5833; 14.125
Area1,266 km2 (489 sq mi)
Native nameČeské středohoří (Czech)
České Středohoří is located in Czech Republic
České Středohoří
Location of the České Středohoří in the Czech Republic
CountryCzech Republic
RegionsÚstí nad Labem and Liberec
Range coordinates50°35′00″N 14°07′30″E / 50.5833°N 14.125°E / 50.5833; 14.125Coordinates: 50°35′00″N 14°07′30″E / 50.5833°N 14.125°E / 50.5833; 14.125
Parent rangeOre Mountains Foothills
Type of rockbasalt


The region is about 80 km long, extending from Česká Lípa in the northeast to Louny in the southwest and from Litoměřice in the south to Děčín in the north, and is intersected by the river Elbe. The mountains, which are of volcanic origin, have distinctively sharp solitary peaks.


The eponymous protected landscape area covers most of the uplands' territory; consequently, construction through the area of the D8 motorway (part of European route E55 between Dresden and Prague) was very controversial. Despite this, the motorway was finally completed in December 2016.


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