Čerťák is a ski jumping stadium with two hills located in the town of Harrachov in the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic
Opened5 Jan 1980 (LH)
27 Mar 1980 (FH)
K–point125, 185 m
Hill size142, 210 m
Longest jump
(unofficial / fall)
225.0 m (738 ft)*, hand measure
220.0 m (722 ft)*, video measure
Slovenia Jurij Tepeš
(3 February 2013)
Hill recordFlying Hill:
214.5 m (704 ft)
Finland Matti Hautamäki
Austria Thomas Morgenstern

Large Hill:
145.5 m (477 ft)
Finland Janne Ahonen
Top events
Ski Flying World Championships1983, 1992, 2002, 2014
World Cup1981, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2013

It was built in 1979 and both hill officially opened in 1980. The venue is most notable for being one of five ski flying hills in the world, though it also has three smaller hills close by. It is owned by the sports club TJ Jiskra Harrachov. Audience capacity is about 50,000. Despite being a flying hill, only two world records have ever set at Čerťák, both in the 1980s. It was also during this time, and into the early 1990s, that many horrific accidents occurred.

The hillsEdit

The hills are located on the north side of the mountain Čertová Hora, not far from the border to Poland. The first hill in Harrachov was built in 1922, but at a different location in town. Later in the 1920s the first hill in Čerťák was built. It was eventually expanded and supplemented with more hills. The ski flying hill was built in 1979 and opened in March 1980.

The large hill in Harrachov was built at the same time as the ski flying hill, and renovated in 1992. This hill has a K-point of 125 m and a hill size of 142 m. The official record is 145.5 m, set by Janne Ahonen on 12 December 2004 during the 2004–05 World Cup season. The unofficial record is 151 m set by Martin Koch (Austria) on 17 December 2004 in a Continental Cup event.[clarification needed]

The normal hill has K-point of 90 m, a hill size of 100 m and a hill record of 102.5 m. The two smaller hills have K-points of 70 m (hill record 77 m) and K-point 40 meters (hill record 43.5 m). The standard hill has plastic mats, allowing summer use.

The ski flying hill in Harrachov garnered an early reputation of being quite dangerous from which to jump. In its early years, jumpers achieved a significant height over the knoll, up to 12 m. The result of this height was that a gust of wind or error from the jumper could end catastrophically, and there were indeed many injuries from bad falls. During the World Championship in 1983, injuries were suffered by Steinar Bråten, Horst Bulau and Jens Weißflog. In 1985, Pavel Ploc suffered a violent crash. The venue was eventually closed by the FIS and rebuilt between 1989 and 1992, and has since kept the requirements from FIS. Accidents have still occurred, however: in 1992, Andreas Goldberger fell out of the air at the highest point of his jump and crashed very hard.


Normal hillEdit

Date Hillsize Competition Winner Second Third align=right|  
12 December 1997   K90 WC   Masahiko Harada   Primož Peterka
  Dieter Thoma

Large hillEdit

Date Hillsize Competition Winner Second Third
10 January 1981   K120 WC   Roger Ruud   Armin Kogler   Per Bergerud
  Hubert Neuper
8 January 1983   K120 WC   Holger Freitag   Markku Pusenius   Klaus Ostwald
9 January 1983   K120 WC   Pavel Ploc   Klaus Ostwald   Markku Pusenius
14 January 1984   K120 WC   Jiří Parma   Jens Weißflog   Pavel Ploc
11 January 1986   K120 WC   Matti Nykänen   Ernst Vettori   Jiří Parma
10 January 1988   K120 WC cancelled
15 January 1989   K120 WC   Jan Boklöv   Risto Laakonen   Ladislav Dluhoš
12 January 1990   K120 WC   Dieter Thoma   Ladislav Dluhoš   Jiří Parma
16 January 1993   K120 WC lack of snow
17 January 1993   K120 WC
14 December 1996   K120 WC   Kazuyoshi Funaki   Primož Peterka   Takanobu Okabe
15 December 1996   K120 WC   Primož Peterka   Andreas Goldberger   Kristian Brenden
19 December 1998   K120 WC   Janne Ahonen   Ronny Hornschuh   Kazuyoshi Funaki
20 December 1998   K120 WC   Janne Ahonen   Noriaki Kasai   Andreas Widhölzl
7 February 1999   K120 WC (rep FH)   Janne Ahonen   Lasse Ottesen   Jakub Sucháček
11 December 2004   HS142 WC   Adam Małysz   Janne Ahonen   Georg Späth
12 December 2004   HS142 WC   Janne Ahonen   Roar Ljøkelsøy   Jakub Janda
10 December 2005   HS142 WC   Andreas Küttel   Michael Uhrmann   Janne Ahonen
11 December 2005   HS142 WC   Jakub Janda   Janne Ahonen   Andreas Küttel
9 December 2006   HS142 WC lack of snow
10 December 2006   HS142 WC
12 December 2009   HS142 WC
13 December 2009   HS142 WC
11 December 2010   HS142 WC strong wind; rescheduled to Engelberg
12 December 2010   HS142 WC strong wind; rescheduled to Zakopane
9 December 2011   HS142 WC   Gregor Schlierenzauer   Daiki Ito   Anders Bardal
10 December 2011   HS142 WC-T   Norway
Tom Hilde
Bjørn Einar Romøren
Vegard Sklett
Anders Bardal
Thomas Morgenstern
David Zauner
Andreas Kofler
Gregor Schlierenzauer
Jernej Damjan
Jure Šinkovec
Peter Prevc
Robert Kranjec
11 December 2011   HS142 WC   Richard Freitag   Thomas Morgenstern   Severin Freund

Flying hillEdit

Date Hillsize Competition Winner Second Third
28-29 March 1980   K165 KOP   Steve Collins   Armin Kogler   Tom Levorstad
19-20 March 1983   K185 SFWC   Klaus Ostwald   Pavel Ploc   Matti Nykänen
23 February 1985   K185 WC   Ole Gunnar Fidjestøl   Miran Tepeš   Jiří Parma
24 February 1985   K185 WC strong wind
18 March 1989   K185 WC   Ole Gunnar Fidjestøl   Mike Holland   Jan Boklöv
19 March 1989   K185 WC strong wind
21 March 1992   K185 SFWC(d1) / WC   Noriaki Kasai   Andreas Goldberger   Roberto Cecon
22 March 1992   K185 SFWC(d2) / WC stopped and cancelled; strong wind
World Championships Overall (21-22 March)   Noriaki Kasai   Andreas Goldberger   Roberto Cecon
9 March 1996   K185 WC   Andreas Goldberger   Christof Duffner   Jaroslav Sakala
9 March 1996   K185 WC cancelled
6 February 1999   K185 WC next day on large hill
13 January 2001   K185 WC   Adam Małysz   Martin Schmitt   Risto Jussilainen
14 January 2001   K185 WC   Adam Małysz   Janne Ahonen   Martin Schmitt
10 March 2002   K185 SFWC   Sven Hannawald   Martin Schmitt   Matti Hautamäki
19 January 2008   HS205 WC strong wind
20 January 2008   HS205 WC   Janne Ahonen   Tom Hilde   Anders Jacobsen
(night) 8 January 2011   HS205 WC   Martin Koch   Thomas Morgenstern   Adam Małysz
9 January 2011   HS205 WC   Thomas Morgenstern   Simon Ammann   Roman Koudelka
(night) 2 February 2013   HS205 WC first event next day
3 February 2013   HS205 WC   Gregor Schlierenzauer   Robert Kranjec   Jan Matura
3 February 2013   HS205 WC   Gregor Schlierenzauer   Jan Matura   Jurij Tepeš
(night) 15 March 2014   HS205 SFWC-I   Severin Freund   Anders Bardal   Peter Prevc
17 March 2014   HS205 SFWC-T strong wind

Hill recordEdit

Large hillEdit

Date Length
5 January 1980     Ladislav Jirásko 59.0 m (194 ft)  
6 January 1980     František Novotný 75.0 m (246 ft)  
6 January 1980     Jaroslav Balcar 88.0 m (289 ft)  
6 January 1980     Ivo Peterka 91.0 m (299 ft)  
6 January 1980     Břetislav Počík 97.0 m (318 ft)  
6 January 1980     Ladislav Jirásko 101.0 m (331 ft)  
6 January 1980     Ivo Felix 103.0 m (338 ft)  
6 January 1980     Ivo Felix 109.0 m (358 ft)  
10 January 1981     Armin Kogler 122.0 m (400 ft)  
6 February 1983     Pavel Ploc 122.0 m (400 ft)  
Date Length
13 January 1985     Pavel Ploc 123.0 m (404 ft)  
13 January 1996     Andreas Goldberger 129.0 m (423 ft)  
14 January 1996     Jakub Sucháček 137.0 m (449 ft)  
14 January 1996     Kazuyoshi Funaki 140.0 m (459 ft)  
14 January 1996     Kazuyoshi Funaki 141.5 m (464 ft)  
10 December 2004     Andreas Widhölzl 142.0 m (466 ft)  
11 December 2004     Adam Małysz 143.0 m (469 ft)  
12 December 2004     Janne Ahonen 145.5 m (477 ft)  
17 December 2004     Martin Koch 151.0 m (495 ft)  

Flying hillEdit

Coordinates: 50°46′01″N 15°25′44″E / 50.767°N 15.429°E / 50.767; 15.429