Újpesti TE

Újpesti Torna Egylet (Újpesti TE or UTE) is a Hungarian sports society, based in Újpest, Budapest. The club, which was founded in 1885, includes sports sections that represent the club at ice hockey, water polo, women's volleyball, athletics, wrestling, judo, mud wrestling, flatwater canoeing/kayaking, karate, youth football, boxing, modern pentathlon, shooting, gymnastics, triathlon, swimming and fencing. There is a leisure section and a section for the club's fans called 'circle of friends' (baráti kör).

Újpesti TE
Full nameÚjpesti Torna Egylet
NicknamesLilák (Purples)
Founded16 June 1885
Based inCoa Hungary Town Budapest big.svg Budapest, Hungary Hungary
Colours    Purple, White
ChairmanIstván Őze
WebsiteÚjpesti TE

The football team Újpest FC is also a part of the Újpesti TE family.

European CompetitionsEdit

Sport Teams Status Year
Football Mitropa Cup Winner 1929
Football Coupe des Nations (Predecessor of Champions League) Winner 1930
Football Mitropa Cup Winner 1939
Football Mitropa Cup Finalist 1967
Football Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Finalist 1968–69
Water Polo LEN Cup Winner 1992–93
Water Polo European Cup Winner 1993–94
Water Polo LEN Super Cup Winner 1994
Water Polo European Cup Finalist 1994–95
Water Polo European Cup Finalist 1995–96
Water Polo LEN Cup Winner 1996–97
Water Polo LEN Cup Winner 1998–99


Sport Teams
  Football Újpest FC - since 1885
  Curling Újpesti TE (curling) -
  Athletics Újpesti TE (athletics) - since 1901
  Water polo Újpesti TE (men's water polo) - since 1911
  Fencing Újpesti TE (fencing) - since 1922
  Boxing Újpesti TE (boxing) - since 1926
  Canoe/kayak Újpesti TE (canoeing) - since 1949
  Ice hockey Újpesti TE (ice hockey) - since 1955
  Judo Újpesti TE (judo) -
  Karate Újpesti TE (karate) - 2004
  Wrestling Újpesti TE (wrestling) -

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Kiss István waterpolo

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