Zooloretto is a board game designed by Michael Schacht, published in 2007 by Abacus Spiele and in English by Rio Grande Games. The premise of the game is that each player is the owner of a zoo, and must collect animals in order to attract visitors to their zoo (thus scoring points to win the game). Having full, or nearly full, animal enclosures scores more points. However, if a player has too many animals such that they must be stored in their "barn", this causes them to lose points. Vending stalls also offer a means for players to score points with enclosures that are not full.

Cover of the game
DesignersMichael Schacht
PublishersRio Grande Games
Abacus Spiele
Setup time5 minutes
Playing time30–45 minutes
Random chanceMedium
Age range8+
Skills requiredSet collection, Tile Placement

The method that players use to collect animals is based on the mechanics of the card game Coloretto (also designed by Michael Schacht).

A game of Zooloretto at Essen 2007

Expansions and spin-offsEdit

Numerous small expansions have been published, many of which are available for download (at no cost) at the publisher's website. These include extra animal enclosures, a petting zoo, restaurant, and souvenir shop, each of which offers different opportunities for players to score points. An additional large expansion, Aquaretto, can be played as a stand-alone game or in combination with Zooloretto.

Digital versionsEdit

An iPhone and iPod Touch version was published in May 2009.[1]

Zooloretto for Nintendo Wii and PC (including digitally via Steam) was published in 2011. The game has a single player campaign mode and a multiplayer mode. The game can be played (just like the board game) with five local players, with no online option.


NOTE: The lion is on the King of the Beasts edition of the game. Both the Lion and Rabbit are available as a Promo from their webstore.



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