Zhudong Animation and Comic Creative Park

The Zhudong Animation and Comic Creative Park (traditional Chinese: 竹東動漫園區; simplified Chinese: 竹东动漫园区; pinyin: Zhúdōng Dòngmàn Yuánqū) is a theme park in Zhudong Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan.

Zhudong Animation and Comic Creative Park
Zhudong Animation Park 竹東動漫園區 - panoramio.jpg
LocationZhudong, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Coordinates24°44′17.7″N 121°05′40.1″E / 24.738250°N 121.094472°E / 24.738250; 121.094472Coordinates: 24°44′17.7″N 121°05′40.1″E / 24.738250°N 121.094472°E / 24.738250; 121.094472
Opened18 December 2015


The park was opened for trial basis on 18 December 2015 on its western part in a ceremony attended by Hsinchu County Magistrate Chiu Ching-chun. Its eastern part was opened in 2016.[1]


The park was designed by a team from Joy Magical Co., Ltd. It consists of five main halls, which are Master Pavilion, Multimedia Pavilion, Creative Store, Mushroom House and Performance Hall.[1]


The park is accessible from Zhudong Station of Taiwan Railways.[2]

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