Zhongzhou Yangtze River Bridge

The Zhongzhou Yangtze River Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge over the Yangtze River in Zhong County of Chongqing, China. Completed in 2009, the bridge carries traffic on the G50 Shanghai–Chongqing Expressway.[1]

Zhongzhou Yangtze River Bridge

Zhongxian Changjiang Bridge.JPG
Coordinates30°13′55″N 108°00′21″E / 30.231944°N 108.005833°E / 30.231944; 108.005833Coordinates: 30°13′55″N 108°00′21″E / 30.231944°N 108.005833°E / 30.231944; 108.005833
CarriesChina Expwy G50 sign no name.svg G50 Huyu Expressway
CrossesYangtze River
LocaleZhong County, Chongqing, China
Other name(s)Zhongzhou Changjiang Bridge
Total length2,174 metres (7,133 ft)
Height247.5 metres (812 ft)
Longest span460 metres (1,510 ft)
Clearance above84–134 metres (276–440 ft)

With a main span of 460 metres (1,510 ft), Zhongzhou Yangtze River Bridge is among the longest cable-stayed spans in the world.[2] The bridge was constructed 134 metres (440 ft) above the original river. The reservoir created by the Three Gorges Dam has increased the height of the water below the bridge and the clearance is reduced to 84 metres (276 ft) when the reservoir depth is at it peak.

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