Zhang Ti (236–280), courtesy name Juxian, was an official of the state of Eastern Wu during the late Three Kingdoms period (220–280) of China. He was the last Imperial Chancellor of Wu. In 280, when the Jin dynasty invaded Wu as part of its strategy to reunify China under Jin rule, Zhang Ti led the Wu forces into battle to resist the Jin invasion. He was killed in action during a battle around present-day He and Dangtu counties in Anhui. In the same year, the Wu emperor Sun Hao surrendered to the Jin dynasty, thus bringing an end to the existence of Wu and the Three Kingdoms period.

Zhang Ti
Imperial Chancellor (丞相)
In office
September or October 279 (September or October 279) – 280 (280)
MonarchSun Hao
Preceded byLu Kai and Wan Yu
Military Adviser (軍師)
In office
c. 270s (c. 270s) – September or October 279 (September or October 279)
MonarchSun Hao
Colonel of the Garrison Cavalry (屯騎校尉)
In office
? (?)–? (?)
MonarchSun Xiu
Personal details
Xiangyang, Hubei
He County or Dangtu County, Anhui
Courtesy nameJuxian (巨先)
PeerageMarquis of Shandu

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