The Zhaney (Adyghe: Жьанэ, romanized: Janə; Russian: Жанеевцы, romanizedŽaneevcy), or Janes, were one of the twelve major Circassian tribes, representing one of the twelve stars on the green-and-gold Circassian flag.[1]


The Zhaney were a very powerful Circassian tribe in the past. They lived the north of the Natukhai tribe's land on the coast of the Black Sea and Azov Sea in Eastern Europe. A map of the 17th century also shows they lived right by the coast of the lower flow of Kubans, beyond Taman and Atchu. As a result of the bloody Russian–Circassian War, Zhaney tribe was almost wholly destroyed, as only 3 families survived.

Historical locations of Circassian tribes

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