Yves Lainé

Yves Lainé (born 1937) is a Breton lawyer, politician and companies executive manager, now a writer, arguing for the return of Loire-Atlantique departement in the administrative région of Brittany the reunification and devolution of the historical Brittany.

Yves Lainé in 2001

Born in 1937 in Nantes, he was a director of CELIB (Committee of Breton Interests) and worked as a director of the Nantes-Saint Nazaire Port Authority and Brittany Ferries. He founded the B5 association (B for Brittany and 5 for the 5 Breton departements : Finistère, Côtes-d'Armor, Morbihan, Ille-et-Vilaine and Loire-Atlantique) and also the vice president of Bretagne Réunie. He wrote L'ambition de Bretagne d'un Nantais in 2002. He is honorary chairman the Breton writers' association, ex-chairman of The Law and Institutions Department in the Institut Culturel de Bretagne (Skol Uhel ar Vro in Breton language). With another Nantes lobby les Transbordés [1] he proposes to rebuild a new hi-tech transporter bridge in the port within the frames of a Vernian loop (Jules Verne), open for tourism . A large 8 mths debate held by Nantes métropole on the maritime destiny of the town[1] ended in September 2015 and approved many proposals made by Lainé.


2012, Received the collar of the Breton Ermine order (ordre de l'Hermine). In June 12013 he was elected Chancellor of this Order.


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