Yusuf I Jaqeli

Yusuf I Jaqeli, also known as Yusuf Pasha (Georgian: იუსუფ I ჯაყელი; Turkish: Yusuf Paşa), (1594 — 1647) was a Georgian ruler of Childir Eyalet and vassal of the Ottoman Empire from 1635 to 1647, member of the Jaqeli family and the son of Beka III Jaqeli, better known as "Sefer Pasha." .[1] In 1635, after his father's death Ottomans guaranteed Jaqeli family the Meskhetian throne, if they convert to Islam. Yusuf with his family and relatives became Muslim and started ruling Childir. He took appearance in the Ottoman-Safavid war. In 1647 Yusuf I died by unknown illness, leaving the throne to his son, Rostom.

Yusuf I Jaqeli
Pasha of Childir
PredecessorBeka III Jaqeli (Sefer Pasha)
SuccessorRostom Pasha
IssueRostom Pasha Jaqeli
FatherBeka III Jaqeli (Sefer Pasha)
ReligionOrthodox Christianity,
Converted to Islam in 1635


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Yusuf I Jaqeli
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Pasha of Childir
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