Yujiulü Dengshuzi

Yujiulü Dengshuzi (Chinese: 郁久閭鄧叔子; pinyin: Yùjiǔlǘ Dèngshūzǐ) (?-555)[1] was the last western khagan of the Rouran. He was a cousin of Anagui.

Yujiulü Dengshuzi
Khagan of Rouran
ReignMarch 553 - 555
PredecessorYujiulü Anagui
SuccessorInvasion by First Turkic Khaganate
Chang'an, Western Wei
HouseYujiulü clan
FatherYujiulü Nagai


He was enthroned in March 553 by remnants of Rouran and support of Western Wei in Woye (modern northern part of Ulansuhai Nur, Urad, Inner Mongolia). In 555, the Tujue invaded and occupied the Rouran and Dengshuzi led 3000 soldiers in retreat to Western Wei.[2] He was later delivered to Turks by Emperor Gong with his soldiers under pressure from Muqan Qaghan.[3]


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Preceded by
Yujiulü Anagui
Khagan of the Rouran
553 - 555
Succeeded by