Yasho Brahma Shah

Yasho Brahma Shah or Yasobam Shah (Nepali: यशोब्रह्म शाह) (dates unknown) was the King of Kaski and Lamjung. He was the youngest son of Kulamandan Shah Khad. His eldest son succeeded him as King of Lamjung, while his second son ruled over Kaski. His youngest son, Dravya Shah, established the Kingdom of Gorkha in 1559.[1]

Yashobrahma Shah
यशोब्रम्ह शाह
King of Lamjung and Kaski
PredecessorKulamandan Shah Khad
SuccessorNarahari Shah
IssueNarahari Shah
Dravya Shah
DynastyShah dynasty
FatherKulamandan Shah Khand


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King of Lamjung
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