Yale Journal on Regulation

The Yale Journal on Regulation is a biannual student-edited law review covering regulatory and administrative law published at Yale Law School. The journal publishes articles, essays, notes, and commentaries that cover a wide range of topics in regulatory, corporate, administrative, international, and comparative law. According to the 2015 Washington and Lee University law journal rankings, the journal is ranked first in Administrative Law, in Corporations and Associations, in Commercial Law, in Communications Law, Media and Journalism, and in Health, Medicine, Psychology and Psychiatry.[1] The 2007 ExpressO Guide to Top Law Reviews ranked the journal first among business law reviews based on the number of manuscripts received.[2]

Yale Journal on Regulation  
DisciplineLaw review
Edited byIsabelle Hanna, Eugene K. Kim
Publication details
Yale Law School (United States)
Standard abbreviations
BluebookYale J. on Reg.
ISO 4Yale J. Regul.
OCLC no.10212254


The journal was established in 1983 by Mark Goldberg and Bruce Judson.[3] It has featured symposia and special issues on environmental law, federalism, and telecommunications. In 2009, it was a sponsor of the Weil, Gotshal & Manges Roundtable on the "Future of Financial Regulation," where legal academics and panelists evaluated the causes of the subprime mortgage crisis and proposed solutions.

In 2008, the journal launched the Walton H. Hamilton Prize (in honor of the former Yale Law professor, New Deal economic advisor, and antitrust division official Walton Hale Hamilton), awarded to the most outstanding accepted manuscript on the study and understanding of regulatory policy.

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