Xanthocarpia is a genus of mostly crustose lichens in the family Teloschistaceae.[1] It has 12 species with a largely Northern Hemisphere distribution.

Caloplaca crenulatella - Flickr - pellaea (1).jpg
Xanthocarpia crenulatella
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Lecanoromycetes
Order: Teloschistales
Family: Teloschistaceae
Genus: Xanthocarpia
A.Massal. & De Not. (1853)
Type species
Xanthocarpia ochracea
(Schaer.) A.Massal. & De Not. (1853)


The genus was originally circumscribed in 1859 by Abramo Bartolommeo Massalongo and Giuseppe De Notaris, with Xanthocarpia ochracea as the type species. This species has tetralocular ascospores (i.e. divided into 4 chambers).[2]


Xanthocarpia has a thallus that is either crust-like (crustose) or like a shield or plate attached on the lower surface at a single central point (peltate). In some cases, the thallus is absent; in all cases, a cortex is absent. The lichen contains anthraquinones compounds. Xanthocarpia species often have apothecia, which are coloured yellow to orange. These apothecia are zeorine, meaning that the proper exciple (the ring-shaped layer surrounding the hymenium) is enclosed in the thalline exciple. Pycnidia can be present or absent; the conidia have a bacilliform to narrowly ellipsoid shape.[2]


Most Flavoplaca species occur in the Northern Hemisphere. Several are found in southeastern Europe, with a collective distribution extending from the Mediterranean to the Arctic.[2] As of April 2021, Species Fungorum accepts 12 species of Xanthocarpia:[3]

Xanthocarpia feracissima


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