Xagħra (Maltese: Ix-Xagħra) is a town on the island of Gozo in Malta. It is one of the earliest inhabited parts of Gozo, being home to the Ġgantija megalithic temples which date back to the year 3600BC and the Xagħra Stone Circle. Natural underground features such as Xerri's Grotto and Ninu's Cave can be found in this town, along with Calypso's Cave which overlooks the red sandy beach of Ramla. It is one of the largest towns in Gozo and is situated to the North-East of the Gozo capital Victoria, having a population of 4,129 inhabitants as of January 2019. Xagħra is a popular tourist attraction, in view of its historical heritage, lively Victory Square, and the thousands who flock to Ramla Bay in summer and to the temples all year round. During the British period, Xagħra was also known as Casal Caccia.[1]



Caccia, Sciara
The Basilica of the Nativity of Our Lady
Flag of Xagħra
Coat of arms of Xagħra
Coat of arms
Xaghra in Malta.svg
Coordinates: 36°3′1″N 14°16′3″E / 36.05028°N 14.26750°E / 36.05028; 14.26750Coordinates: 36°3′1″N 14°16′3″E / 36.05028°N 14.26750°E / 36.05028; 14.26750
Country Malta
Region Gozo Region
DistrictGozo and Comino District
BordersNadur, Victoria, Xewkija, Żebbuġ
 • MayorDr Christian Zammit (PL)
 • Total7.6 km2 (2.9 sq mi)
 (March 2014)
 • Total4,886
 • Density640/km2 (1,700/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Xagħri (m), Xagħrija (f), Xagħrin (pl)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Dialing code356
ISO 3166 codeMT-61
Patron saintOur Lady of Victories
Day of festa8 September
WebsiteOfficial website

Xagħra ParishEdit

Xagħra Parish is dedicated to Our Lady of Victories, locally known as 'il-Bambina'. The liturgical feast is celebrated on the 8th day of September.

Band ClubsEdit

  • Victory Band Club (L-Għaqda Mużikali Vittorija)

Xagħra Main RoadsEdit

  • Triq Jannar (January Street)
  • Triq Gajdoru (Gajdoru Road)
  • Triq Ġnien Xibla (Xibla Garden Road)
  • Triq Għajn Ħosna (Hosna Fountain Road)
  • Triq it-Tafla (Clay Street)
  • Triq it-Tiġrija (Racecourse street)
  • Triq Marsalforn (Marsalforn Road)
  • Triq Parisiot (Parisiot Road)
  • Triq Ta' Ħamet (Ta' Hamet Road)
  • Triq Tal-Masri (Tal-Masri Road)
  • Vjal it-8 ta' Settembru (8 September Avenue)
  • Triq L-Arcipriet Guzeppi Diacono (L-aqwa triq fejn joqodu il-king of kings)

Other Streets in XagħraEdit

  • Daħla Ċjanti (Cjanti Lane)
  • Daħla Egħżien (Eghzien Lane)
  • Daħla Għajn Lukin (Ghajn Lukin Road)
  • Daħla Ta' Bullara (Bullara Lane)
  • Daħla Ta' Sumarat (Sumarat Lane)
  • Daħla tal-Ġgantija (Ggantija Lane)
  • Daħla tan-Nuffara (Nuffara Lane)
  • Pjazza Sant' Anton (St. Anthony Square)
  • Pjazza Vittorja (Victory Square)
  • Sqaq it-Tiġrija (Tigrija Alley)
  • Sqaq ix-Xagħri (Xaghri Alley)
  • Sqaq San Marzjan (St. Marzian Alley)
  • Trejqa Ġorġ Cini (George Cini Path)
  • Trejqa San Ġużepp (St. Joseph Path)
  • Triq Dun Vinċenz Cauchi (Fr. Vincent Cauchi Street)
  • Triq Franġisk Camilleri (Frances Camilleri Street)
  • Triq Ġnien Imrik (Imrik Garden Street)
  • Triq Ġużeppi Bajada (Joseph Bajada Street)
  • Triq Ġużeppi Grech (Joseph Grech Street)
  • Triq Ġużeppi Rapa (Joseph Rapa Street)
  • Triq Ġwann M. Camilleri (John M. Camilleri Street)
  • Triq George McAdam (George McAdam Street)
  • Triq Għajn Lukin (Ghajn Lukin Road)
  • Triq Għajn Qamar (Moon Fountain Street)
  • Triq Għajn Watar (Ghajn Watar Road)
  • Triq Għonqa (Her Neck Street)
  • Triq il-Ġnejna (Gnejna Street)
  • Triq il-Knisja (Church Street)
  • Triq il-Komittiva (Comittivity Street)
  • Triq il-Kortoll (Kortoll Street)
  • Triq il-Marġa (Marga Street)
  • Triq il-Mitħna (Mill Street)
  • Triq il-Patrijiet Agostinjani (Agaustinian Brothers Street)
  • Triq ir-Rabat (Rabat Road)
  • Triq is-Sruġ (Srug Street)
  • Triq it-28 ta' April, 1688 (28 April 1688 Street)
  • Triq ix-Xagħra (Xaghra Road)
  • Triq John Otto Bayer (John Otto Bayer Street)
  • Triq Kalipso (Calypso Street)
  • Triq l-Arċipriet Ġużepp Diacono (Archpriest Joseph Diacono Street)
  • Triq l-Għar Ta' Ninu (Ninu's Cave Street)
  • Triq l-Għar Ta' Xerri (Xerri's Grotto Street)
  • Triq l-Għejun (Fountains Street)
  • Triq l-Ifran (Bakeries Street)
  • Triq l-Imqades (Temples Street)
  • Triq l-Ispiera (Shaft Street)
  • Triq l-Isqof Rużar Farrugia (Bishop Rosario Farrugia Street)
  • Triq Laurent Rapa (Laurent Rapa Street)
  • Triq Liberat Grech (Liberty Grech Street)
  • Triq Mannar (Mannar Street)
  • Triq Marija Bambina (Nativity of Our Lady Street)
  • Triq Mikelanġ Pace (Michealangelo Pace Street)
  • Triq Mikiel Farrugia (Michael Farrugia Street)
  • Triq Patri Mattew Sultana (Bro. Matthew Sultana Street)
  • Triq Pergla (Pergla Road)
  • Triq Qasam ta' Dun Anton (Fr. Anthony Estate Street)
  • Triq San Ġużepp (St. Joseph Street)
  • Triq San Leonardu (St. Leonard Street)
  • Triq Sant' Anton (St. Anthony Street)
  • Triq Santa Verna (St. Venera Street)
  • Triq Ta' Bertrija (Bertrija Road)
  • Triq Ta' Brieret (Brieret Road)
  • Triq Ta' Bullara (Bullara Road)
  • Triq Ta' Ġorf (Gorf Road)
  • Triq Ta' Karkar (Karkar Road)
  • Triq Ta' Sansuna (Sansuna Road)
  • Triq Ta' Stellini (Stellini Road)
  • Triq Tal-Qaċċa (Tal-Qaċċa Street)
  • Triq Tas-Sellum (Tas-Sellum Road)
  • Triq Vestru (Vestru Street)

Twin towns – sister citiesEdit

Xagħra is twinned with:[2]


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