Local councils of Malta

Since June 30, 1993, Malta has been subdivided into 68 localities, governed by local councils, Maltese: kunsilli lokali, meaning municipalities or borough, and the considered by the Maltese as the equivalent to a basic village or towns, where appropriate. These form the most basic form of local government and there are no intermediate levels between it and the national level. The levels of the 6 districts (5 on the main island) and of the 5 regions (4 on the main island) serve statistical purposes.[1]

Local councils of Malta
Kunsilli lokali ta' Malta (Maltese)
CategoryUnitary state
LocationRepublic of Malta
Number68 Local Councils
Populations243 (Mdina) – 29,097 (St. Paul's Bay)
Areas0.16 km2 (0.06 sq mi) (Senglea) – 26.6 km2 (10.27 sq mi) (Rabat)
  • Local Community Council

According to the Local Councils Act (Chapter 363 of the Laws of Malta), Art. 3:[2]

(1) Every locality shall have a Council which shall have all such functions as are granted to it by this Act
(5) Each locality shall be referred to by the name as designated in the Second Schedule and any reference to that locality shall be by the name so designated.

List of Maltese local councils edit

Flag English name Maltese name Island Region Statistical
(2021 census)
  Attard Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ħ'Attard Malta Central West 6.6 12,268
  Balzan Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ħal Balzan Malta Central West 0.6 4,774
  Birgu Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Birgu (Città Vittoriosa) Malta South East South Harbour 0.5 2,261
  Birkirkara Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Birkirkara Malta Central North Harbour 2.7 25,807
  Birżebbuġa Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Birżebbuġa Malta South South East 9.2 11,844
  Cospicua (Bormla) Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Bormla (Città Cospicua) Malta South East South Harbour 0.9 4,654
  Dingli Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ħad-Dingli Malta North West 5.7 3,865
  Fgura Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Fgura Malta South East South Harbour 1.1 13,066
  Floriana Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Floriana Malta South East South East 0.94 1,985
  Fontana Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Fontana (It-Triq tal-Għajn) Gozo Gozo Gozo & Comino 0.5 1,042
  Għajnsielem Il-Kunsill Lokali t'Għajnsielem Gozo, Comino Gozo Gozo & Comino 7.2 3,523
  Għarb Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Għarb Gozo Gozo Gozo & Comino 4.6 1,549
  Għargħur Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ħal Għargħur Malta North North 2 3,741
  Għasri Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Għasri Gozo Gozo Gozo & Comino 5 518
  Għaxaq Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ħal Għaxaq Malta South South East 3.9 5,538
  Gudja Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Gudja Malta South South East 2.3 3,229
  Gżira Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Gżira Malta Central North Harbour 1.5 10,331
  Ħamrun Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Ħamrun Malta South North Harbour 1.1 10,514
  Iklin Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Iklin Malta Central West 1.7 3,399
Kalkara Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Kalkara Malta South East South Harbour 1.8 3,105
  Kerċem Il-Kunsill Lokali Ta' Kerċem Gozo Gozo Gozo & Comino 5.5 1,881
  Kirkop Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ħal Kirkop Malta South South East 1.1 2,527
  Lija Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ħal Lija Malta Central West 1.1 3,162
  Luqa Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ħal Luqa Malta South South Harbour 6.7 7,249
  Marsa Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Marsa Malta South East South Harbour 2.8 5,468
  Marsaskala Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Marsaskala (Wied il-Għajn) Malta South East South East 5.4 16,804
  Marsaxlokk Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Marsaxlokk Malta South East South East 4.7 3,988
  Mdina Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Imdina (Città Notabile) Malta North West 0.9 193
  Mellieħa Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Mellieħa Malta North North 22.6 12,738
  Mġarr Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Imġarr Malta North North 16.1 4,840
  Mosta Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Mosta Malta North North 6.8 23,482
  Mqabba Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Imqabba Malta South South East 2.6 3,525
  Msida Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Imsida Malta Central North Harbour 1.7 13,587
  Mtarfa Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Imtarfa Malta North West 0.7 2,566
  Munxar Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Munxar Gozo Gozo Gozo & Comino 2.8 1,707
  Nadur Il-Kunsill Lokali tan-Nadur Gozo Gozo Gozo & Comino 7.2 4,548
  Naxxar Il-Kunsill Lokali tan-Naxxar Malta North North 11.6 16,912
Paola Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Raħal Ġdid Malta South East South Harbour 2.5 9,339
  Pembroke Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Pembroke Malta North North Harbour 2.3 3,545
  Pietà Il-Kunsill Lokali Tal-Pietà Malta Central North Harbour 0.5 5,892
  Qala Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Qala Gozo Gozo Gozo & Comino 5.9 2,300
  Qormi Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ħal Qormi (Città Pinto) Malta South North Harbour 5 18,099
  Qrendi Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Qrendi Malta South South East 4.9 3,148
  Rabat Il-Kunsill Lokali tar-Rabat Malta North West 26.6 11,936
  Safi Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ħal Safi Malta South South East 2.3 2,641
  St. Julian's Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' San Ġiljan Malta Central North Harbour 1.6 11,653
  St. Paul's Bay Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' San Pawl il-Baħar Malta North North 14.47 32,042
  San Ġwann Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' San Ġwann Malta Central North Harbour 2.6 14,244
  San Lawrenz Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' San Lawrenz Gozo Gozo Gozo & Comino 3.6 772
  Sannat Il-Kunsill Lokali Ta' Sannat Gozo Gozo Gozo & Comino 3.8 2,186
  Santa Luċija Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Santa Luċija Malta South South Harbour 0.7 2,617
  Santa Venera Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Santa Venera Malta Central North Harbour 0.9 8,834
  Senglea (Isla) Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Isla (Città Senglea, Città Invicta) Malta South East South Harbour 0.2 2,304
  Siġġiewi Il-Kunsill Lokali tas-Siġġiewi (Città Ferdinand) Malta South West 19.9 9,318
  Sliema Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Tas-Sliema Malta Central North Harbour 1.3 19,655
  Swieqi Il-Kunsill Lokali tas-Swieqi Malta North North Harbour 3.1 13,044
  Tarxien Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ħal Tarxien Malta South East South Harbour 0.9 9,464
  Valletta Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Belt Valletta (Città Umillisima) Malta South East South Harbour 0.8 5,157
  Victoria (Rabat) Il-Kunsill Lokali tal-Belt Victoria (Città Victoria) Gozo Gozo Gozo & Comino 2.9 7,242
  Ta' Xbiex Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ta' Xbiex Malta Central North Harbour 0.8 2,092
  Xagħra Il-Kunsill Lokali tax-Xagħra Gozo Gozo Gozo & Comino 7.6 5,161
  Xewkija Il-Kunsill Lokali tax-Xewkija Gozo Gozo Gozo & Comino 4.5 3,555
  Xgħajra Il-Kunsill Lokali tax-Xgħajra Malta South East South Harbour 1 2,192
  Żabbar Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ħaż-Żabbar (Città Hompesch) Malta South East South Harbour 5.3 17,148
  Żebbuġ Il-Kunsill Lokali ta' Ħaż-Żebbuġ (Città Rohan) Malta South West 8.7 13,785
  Żebbuġ Il-Kunsill Lokali taż-Żebbuġ, Għawdex Gozo Gozo Gozo & Comino 7.6 3,303
  Żejtun Il-Kunsill Lokali taż-Żejtun (Città Beland) Malta South East South East 7.4 12,409
  Żurrieq Il-Kunsill Lokali taż-Żurrieq Malta South South East 10.5 12,295

Political affiliation of mayors edit

Party Localities
Labour Party
48 / 68
Nationalist Party
18 / 68
Għarb First
1 / 68
2 / 68

List of Maltese and Gozitan local communities councils edit

Elections for these administrative committees were first ever held 27 March 2010, in the first 8 hamlets listed in this list, the rest were held in later in June.

Political affiliation of members administrative committees edit

2010 elections (March and June results merged) edit

Party Committees Members
Partit Nazzjonalista
45 / 80
Partit Laburista
28 / 80
Association for the Common Purpose
5 / 80
Better Environment for Bumarrad
1 / 80
1 / 80
Total: 80 seats

2014 election edit

Party Committees Members
Partit Nazzjonalista
49 / 75
Partit Laburista
22 / 75
Association for the Common Purpose
4 / 75
Total: 75 seats

Other recognised hamlets without a local community committee edit

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References edit

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