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Women in Cinema Collective (abbreviated as WCC) is an organization for women working mainly in the Malayalam cinema industry.

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Full nameWomen in Cinema Collective
Office locationStadium Link Road, Kochi, India[1]



It was formed after an actress working in the Malayalam film industry was waylaid and harassed [2]. The organisation aims at the welfare of women in Malayalam cinema. On November 1, 2017 Women in Cinema Collective was registered as a society in Kerala.[3][4]


  • ‘Punarvaayana’, a year-long series of events was intended to address and bring more awareness in the society on issues such as exclusionary workspaces, workplace exploitation and gender discrimination. This curtain-raiser brought together prominent and successful women from various fields — including mediapersons, lawyers, bureaucrats, politicians, social activists to discuss and contemplate on these matters.
  • WCC also intends to celebrate the role of women in cinema by holding exhibitions and announcing end-of-year awards for Malayalam Cinema that pass the Bechdel Test.[5]
  • On May 18, 2017, WCC submitted a petition to the Chief Minister of Kerala, requesting an inquiry and prompt action on the sexual assault case, against a prominent film actress[who?] in the Malayalam Cinema. Later WCC also publicly condemned and revolted against the decision of AMMA to reinstate actor Dileep, when the matter was only sub judice.[6]
  • WCC members has requested the intervention of the government to formalise wage structure and welfare schemes for women working in the film industry such as maternity pay and tax subsidies for production crews that have at least 30% women representation, among many others.[7]
  • WCC requested the Kerala government to start more movie production related technical courses that provides direct employment opportunities for more women and provide for more women's reservations in government-owned studios.[3]


  • Actor Parvathy, a member of AMMA and WCC, was one of the first to openly state that films with misogynist dialogues should not be encouraged. She named the veteran actor Mammootty’s film Kasaba (2016 film), as one such movie. She requested that senior actors like Mammootty who is much respected and has a wide fan following should henceforth refrain from acting in movies that has such misogynistic scripts for the betterment of the society at large.[8] Parvathy's viewpoint came under much criticism and she became the victim of cyber-bullying. She was viciously trolled and abused on various online platforms by Mammootty fans, 2 of them were arrested by Kerala police following a complaint from Parvathy [9]

Similar InitiativesEdit

  • Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) rolls out its own women's wing. Bhagyalakshmi, the chairperson of the newly created women's wing, criticised WCC in being selective in its approach. The new women's wing which in many ways is looked upon as a parallel association to WCC, is claimed to be a platform where concerns of women technicians can be voiced out and they would act as arbitrators with the concerned producers to sort them out.[10]


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