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William Browning Spencer

William Browning Spencer (born 1946) is an award-winning[clarification needed] American novelist and short story writer living in Austin, Texas. His science fiction and horror stories are often darkly and surreally humorous. His novel Resume With Monsters conflates soul-destroying H. P. Lovecraftian horrors with soul-destroying lousy jobs.

His story "The Death of the Novel" was a 1995 Bram Stoker Award nominee for Best Short Story.

In 2005, his short story "Pep Talk" was turned into a short film by writer Eric B. Anderson and director Scott Smith (Project Greenlight) and premiered at the Santa Fe Film Festival in December 2006.



  • Spencer, William Browning (1990). Maybe I'll call Anna. Sag Harbor, New York: Permanent Press. 
  • Resume With Monsters (1995, novel)
  • Zod Wallop (1995, novel)
  • Irrational Fears (1998, novel)

Short fictionEdit


  • The Return of Count Electric(1993, short story collection)
  • The Ocean and All Its Devices (2006, short story collection)
  • "The Unorthodox Dr. Draper And Other Stories" (2017, short story collection)

List of short storiesEdit

The Return of Count Electric (1993)
Title Notes
The Wedding Photographer in Crisis
Haunted by the Horror King
The Entomologists at Obala
The Return of Count Electric
Graven Images
Pep Talk
Looking Out for Eleanor
A Child's Christmas in Florida
Best Man
Daughter Doom

The Ocean and All Its Devices (2006)
Title/First published Notes
The Ocean and All Its Devices, 1994 
The Oddskeeper's Daughter, 1995 
The Death of the Novel, 1995  Bram Stoker Best Short Story Award 1996
Downloading Midnight, 1995 
Your Faithful Servant, 1993 
"The Foster Child", F&SF, 98 (6): 71–81, June 2000 
The Halfway House at the Heart of Darkness, 1998 
The Lights of Armageddon, 1994 
The Essayist in the Wilderness, 2002 

The Unorthodox Dr. Draper and Other Stories (2017)
Title/First published Notes
How the Gods Bargain 
Penguins of the Apocalypse, 2008 
Come Lurk with Me and Be My Love 
The Tenth Muse, 2007 
Stone and the Librarian, 2007 
The Indelible Dark, 2013 
The Dappled Thing 
The Unorthodox Dr. Draper and Other Stories 
The Love Song of A. Alhazred Azathoth 

Anthologies containing stories by William Browning SpencerEdit

  • Ghosttide (1993)
  • Borderlands 4 (1994)
  • Christmas Magic (1994)
  • The Year's Best Science Fiction Eleventh Annual Collection (1994)
  • Wheel of Fortune (1995)
  • The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Eighth Annual Collection (1995)
  • 100 Tiny Tales of Terror (1996)
  • Year's Best SF (1996)
  • Eternal Lovecraft: The Persistence of H P Lovecraft in Popular Culture (1998)
  • Lord of the Fantastic: Stories in Honor of Roger Zelazny (1998)
  • The Year's Best Science Fiction Sixteenth Annual Collection (1999)
  • The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Twenty-First Annual Collection (2008)
  • New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird (2011)

Unpublished workEdit

  • Endless Laundry (unpublished)

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