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Undergraduate students interested in writing about insectsEdit

Hello! I am an undergraduate student studying biology that will be working on writing Wikipedia contributions about insects, particularly flies. Chickfilkay


Hi all, Whilst doing my duties for New Page Reviewing I can across a few recent pages by a new(ish) user. Their edits are large dumps of biological information, unformatted. Some are into existing articles, some are new articles. These seem to have been sent in various ways: draftified (see here) and copyedited (here), or PROD'ed.

I'd sent what I thought was a (friendly note to the user) but they have then thrown their toys out of the pram, deleted some of the things they added in, causing more problems. Basically this is a note to suggest keeping a vaguely watchful eye on these articles being flagged as the problematic articles have been made worse. C'est la vie. Zakhx150 (talk) 08:50, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Is there a more efficient way to add species common names?Edit

Hello! I'm a fairly new Wikipedia user and I've been updating/creating Wikipedia articles for species to include the standardized common names developed by a national working group in Canada. The process is really slow considering that I've got thousands of species to get through and a lot of the species don't already have Wikipedia pages. I'm wondering if there's another way to accomplish this task that's less labour intensive. For example, is it possible to add the common names to a species list page? Thanks in advance! --VioletBrew (talk) 14:25, 7 July 2020 (UTC)

@VioletBrew: Welcome to Wikipedia. Genus pages often have common names following the scientific information, like Andrena could have a line:
Generally, it is slow work though. SchreiberBike | ⌨  18:29, 7 July 2020 (UTC)
@SchreiberBike: Thanks for the suggestion. Do you think I could also add the reference to the working group on the genus page? Maybe as a footnote? VioletBrew (talk) 18:56, 7 July 2020 (UTC)
@VioletBrew: Yes, it could look like:


  1. ^ "Standardized Common Names for Wild Species in Canada". National General Status Working Group. 2020.
for example. Feel free to use your own style though. Wikipedia allows for many styles. SchreiberBike | ⌨  19:08, 7 July 2020 (UTC)
@SchreiberBike: Awesome! Thanks for your help! VioletBrew (talk) 19:12, 7 July 2020 (UTC)
@SchreiberBike: I'm wondering if you can help me fix this footnote issue I'm having on the List of Andrena species page. Since I cite the same reference for all of the common names I've added, the reference at the bottom of the page has a long list of superscripts for all of these citations. Is there a way that I can hide/remove them from the reference? Thanks again. VioletBrew (talk) 22:48, 7 July 2020 (UTC)
@VioletBrew: It does look a bit odd, but I think it's supposed to be like that. I've seen it more extreme in other articles, so I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe someone else has an idea though. SchreiberBike | ⌨  22:53, 7 July 2020 (UTC)
(ec) @VioletBrew: These superscript collections in the reference section already represent the most highly condensed form of citation backlinking, since there needs to be a way to jump from the citation to each instance in the text. There's no way to make them go away; such long rows of backlinks are a common feature of big list articles. This shouldn't worry you unduly, though - stuck down there among the references, they are not going to interfere with reading the article per se. --Elmidae (talk · contribs) 22:59, 7 July 2020 (UTC)
@SchreiberBike and Elmidae: OK, great. Thank you both for confirming. VioletBrew (talk) 13:22, 8 July 2020 (UTC)

Looking for feedback on a page I have been working on - Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominaleEdit

Since May of 2020, I have been making improvements to Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominale page by organizing existing content (enhancing readability and updating reference links) and adding content for knowledge gaps (written information, photos, and references). Any constructive feedback you may have would be appreciated (please post on the talk page). Thanks in advance! LSBryce (talk) 16:39, 17 July 2020 (UTC)

For the interestedEdit

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Günter Bechly (2nd nomination) Gråbergs Gråa Sång (talk) 10:07, 29 July 2020 (UTC)

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