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Discussion at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject COVID-19 § Online education articles are a mess of forksEdit

  You are invited to join the discussion at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject COVID-19 § Online education articles are a mess of forks. {{u|Sdkb}}talk 07:27, 16 September 2020 (UTC)

abstinence-only sex educationEdit

Do some public schools in the United States teach abstinence-only sex education?

New Article: White Supremacy in US School CurriculumEdit

I am planning a new article on the presence of white supremacy in the curriculum of US schools (primarily public). Currently, the article's tentative topics are: - theory (i.e., overviews of white supremacy, Eurocentrism, critical race theory, and how these play a part or reflect on US curriculum), - historical examples & modern manifestations, - effects on minorities, - reform efforts. I have reasons for the article's creation, a more detailed outline, and a bunch of sources on my user page, and would love feedback if anyone has anything to offer. --MBJAnderson (talk) 04:12, 30 September 2020 (UTC)

One of your project's articles has been selected for improvement!Edit

Please note that Reader Rabbit, which is within this project's scope, has been selected as one of Today's articles for improvement. The article is scheduled to appear on Wikipedia's Community portal in the "Today's articles for improvement" section for one week, beginning today. Everyone is encouraged to collaborate to improve the article. Thanks, and happy editing!
Delivered by MusikBot talk 00:06, 19 October 2020 (UTC) on behalf of the TAFI team

Atlantic International University article updatesEdit

Greetings Editors, I am Dr. Valcin, Academic Dean for Atlantic International University and representative on Wikipedia. I recently posted a request on the AIU article Talk page hoping for editor assistance with adjusting section headings within the current article. In an effort to adhere to the site's guidelines for editors like myself, with a paid conflict of interest, I know I must not edit the article directly myself. Your attention and time in this matter is greatly appreciated, you may review my full request on the Atlantic International University article talk page.

As my request remains unanswered so far, I thought this WikiProject seemed like a good place to reach out to in case any editors here are interested. Since I am new to the community, please let me know if this is an acceptable method for me to collaborate with editors. I welcome questions or feedback editors may have. Thanks for your consideration! DrValcin at AIU (talk) 18:56, 22 October 2020 (UTC)

@DrValcin at AIU: Thanks for abiding by our policies and thanks for being patient with us! I've made some edits to the article based on your suggestions.
This would also be a relevant venue if you need some input or help from a group of interested editors in the future. ElKevbo (talk) 22:09, 22 October 2020 (UTC)

Help requested at Academies at Englewood‎Edit

Can a few editors from this project please take a look at Academies at Englewood‎ and its recent editing history? Some enthusiastic editors have been significantly expanding the article recently and they may need some kind guidance. Thanks! ElKevbo (talk) 20:42, 6 November 2020 (UTC)

Counselor educationEdit

Please help with TLC for this stub. Bearian (talk) 01:31, 20 November 2020 (UTC)

New Article: Extended EducationEdit

Hello, I am planning to write a new article about extended education, i.e. all kinds of extracurricular educational offerings for children on a worldwide scale. The field is very heterogenous, but I am convinced that there is a need for one Wikipedia site that tries to sum up tendencies in different countries as well as similarities. Moreover, I plan to focus on research in the field, which has been increasing exponentially since the early 2000s (check Web of Science publications with key words "extended education", "extracurricular education" or "afterschool", the latter being mostly used in the US). I'd be glad for help about resources or other Wikipedia pages to link to. --Si71KMHZvr5y (talk) 19:01, 03 December 2020 (CET)

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