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Announcement of 2020 Arbitration Committee: ArbCom election results and status of open and requested cases.

ArbCom election results

Results of ArbCom election at Wikipedia:Arbitration_Committee_Elections_December_2019#Results - 8 2-year terms, 3 1-year terms. S

User:Worm That TurnedUser:RickinBaltimoreUser:CallaneccUser:Premeditated ChaosUser:KrakatoaKatieUser:Opabinia regalisUser:BU Rob13User:Alex ShihUser:Worm That TurnedUser:XenoUser:SoWhyUser:NewyorkbradUser:KrakatoaKatieUser:David FuchsUser:BeeblebroxUser:CasliberUser:MaximUser:BradvUser:DGGUser:SilkTorkUser:Joe RoeUser:GorillaWarfareUser:MkdwUser:CourcellesUser:AGKUser:NewyorkbradUser:Ks0stmUser:EuryalusUser:DeltaQuadUser:MkdwUser:DGGUser:Doug WellerWikipedia:Arbitration Committee Elections December 2019Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee Elections December 2018Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee Elections December 2017Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee Elections December 2016

Portals case accepted

The Portals case was accepted unanimously[1] by the Arbitration Committee on November 26. B

New requests

Administrator TonyBallioni requested a new case concerning administrator RHaworth on 19 December 2019. As of writing deadline, it is on course for being taken up by the Arbitration Committee, with six accept votes to zero opposed or abstaining.

There are over 40 uninvolved editors commenting on the request as of writing deadline. Probably due to the case involving review of controversial deletions, only visible to administrators, many of the comments are from other administrators.

Frequency analysis of the words used involved in the case shows these uncommon words appeared most frequently: "deletion", 49 times; "checkuser" 47 times; "speedy" 42 times; "csd" 40 times. B


  1. ^ with one recusal