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Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2018-03-29/Arbitration report

Ongoing cases

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Arbcom to editors: Be nice to others here ... or else. Also in New Jersey.

Civility in infobox discussions opened 3 February, evidence phase closed 19 February. The decision has been overdue since 8 March. Workshopped remedies include a new discretionary sanction to be applied to infoboxes, called "infobox probation". Cassianto will likely be the first recipient of infobox probation. A new 1RR rule has strong consensus that governs any edit that "removes, collapses, or removes verifiable information from an infobox from any article".

New requests

"New Jersey-related AfDs"

New Jersey-related AfDs: opened 8 March 2018 by Power~enwiki, naming Rusf10 and Alansohn. At issue is AfD behavior of the two named editors, and outing issues. Three committee members have voted not to take the case, citing progress being made at an active ANI thread (permlink).

"Admin abuse"

Admin abuse: opened 11 March 2018 by Saboteurest, naming Canterbury Tail. 1/8/0 at time of writing; unlikely to be heard. Especially since complainant was blocked as a sock on 12 March. Some discussion can be found here that may provide future procedural guidance for cases alleging admin misbehavior, summarized by a statement from Opabinia regalis, who felt Arbcom was more appropriate than ANI "when the behavior is blatantly inappropriate or when a long history of problems is well-substantiated in the original request, more so than when the request is triggered by a single debatable incident".