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Welcome to WikiProject Veterinary medicine!

Our goal: To create, improve, and maintain articles and content relating to the subject of veterinary medicine.

Project scope: Articles related to veterinary medicine, such as diseases, conditions and treatments of all animals excluding humans, as described on the Assessments page.

Who can join: Everyone is welcome to join this WikiProject, or to discuss veterinary medicine-related articles on the talk page.


  • Manual of Style: Guidelines for the general construction of articles
  • Manual of Style for Medicine-related articles: This is also applicable to veterinary medicine-related articles. Useful resources are available here.
  • Page names: There is no consensus on how to distinguish pages about diseases in one species from pages about the equivalent disease in humans or other species. If you have any suggestions, please discuss them on the talk page.

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Templates contain repetitive information that is used on multiple pages, see Category:Veterinary medicine templates.

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Stub templates are placed at the end of veterinary medicine stub-class articles. Stubs are managed by at Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting. This is for veterinary medicine stubs: {{Veterinary-med-stub}}

Navigation templates group links to related articles, to simplify navigation between articles. Navigation templates related to veterinary medicine include:

Add articles to this WikiProject by placing {{WikiProject Veterinary medicine}} on the talk pages of relevant articles.

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Add the {{User WikiProject Veterinary Medicine}} userbox to your user page to indicate that you are a member of this WikiProject.


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