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Welcome to the Lacrosse WikiProject. We are a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of the sport of lacrosse.

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Goals Edit

The goal of this project is to organize the efforts of those working on articles about and concerning the sport of lacrosse, including all four distinct versions of the sport: men's field lacrosse, box lacrosse (or indoor lacrosse), women's lacrosse, and intercrosse or soft-stick lacrosse. Each has its own article with a link from the main lacrosse article.

Leagues Edit

All professional or highest level of play lacrosse leagues should have articles describing the teams, former teams, champions and past champions, awards, etc.

List of leagues:

Teams Edit

All team pages need improvement. They should have several prose sections, including history, championship descriptions, notable years, and notable players. Perhaps arena info or broadcasting. Tables should include championships, yearly records, roster of players, head coaches, maybe draft picks. Example: Philadelphia Wings (1987–2014). Or any NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL team page.

WPLL team pages are stubs. Also, almost all WLA and MSL teams are stubs with very few citations. Finally, PLL team pages are mostly statistics, with very little prose content. An external link to the PLL's stat page would suffice for the individual stats table.

Players Edit

  • {{Infobox lacrosse player}} should be used on all player pages.
  • Player pages should include the year(s) that the player has played, which team(s) he/she played for (in as many leagues as possible), and should include stats (at least for NLL, PLL and MLL) if possible.
  • Any participation in international lacrosse should be mentioned as well.

Other Edit

Create and improve pages on tournaments and championships - Mann Cup, Minto Cup, NCAA, Heritage Cup, World Lacrosse championships, other international tournaments, etc.

Expand international lacrosse articles.

Tasks Edit

clean-up listing for Lacrosse 

Assessment Edit

Note that pages tagged with a class of "Image" do not appear in this table.

The assessment system allows the WikiProject to monitor the quality of articles in its subject areas, and to prioritize work on these articles. The class and importance should be filled in on the parameters of the {{WikiProject Lacrosse}} template on the article's talk page.

These guidelines can help to determine what class should be assigned to an article.

Members Edit

Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

Active Edit

(users actively editing lacrosse content and new users)

  1. MrBoo (Talk) -- NLL
  2. lukeoz (Talk) -- Lacrosse in Australia and Australian Lacrosse League
  3. 10stone5 - Played college lacrosse. Interested in updating college lacrosse entries, but will also handle NLL whenever possible.
  4. Paploo - I am a proud purple-and-teal-bleeding Rochester Knighthawks fan (a Lifetime Krew member, no less). I can help on the article, and would like to help on any past and present K-Hawk player articles.
  5. Shootmaster 44 - I can help with some of the Saskatchewan related lacrosse articles, as well as a bit with the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League.
  6. Yarnalgo (Talk) -- MLL / NLL / International (sort of)
  7. Bhockey10 (Talk) – WPLAX member since 2010. Mostly focus on College lacrosse teams, conferences, and organizations.
  8. EmjayMiller (Talk) – College, high school & youth lacrosse in USA
  9. Nurmsook - International tournaments
  10. Bes2224 - MLL, NLL, PLL, minor leagues
  11. Davidjsc - I've updated the Western Lacrosse Association page with franchise movement. My area of interest in BC lacrosse; especially the BC field leagues from 1886-1931. I'll eventually post up my BC history articles which can be found at [2]; As a former league executive with the West Central Lacrosse League, I've been responsible for constructing and maintaining the entry for that league. I'm currently involved with the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame board of directors, as the person responsible for acquisitions and archives. Recently I proofed and updated the names on the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame page as there were errors and omissions.
  12. TheScottDL - updated the 'Lacrosse Leagues' categories and added a Senior/Post-Collegiate area. Deleted 'Professional' category with MLL combined with all indoor leagues.
  13. DMighton -- Ontario Lacrosse Association and Amateur Championships
  14. schetm - Radiating out from the Bandits, where I'm a season ticket holder, I'm creating player articles, importing various stats, and trying to improve NLL content in the spare time I have
  15. Taxman1913 - NLL and MLL
  16. Daniel Case – Just returned to lacrosse after 30 years by reffing local HS games; finding that a lot of articles about gameplay could use work.
  17. Mnnlaxer Main articles, international, basic templates, categories, assessment, whatever. See my user page for articles I've worked on significantly.
  18. Twooeight - creating articles about the top lacrosse players, fixing articles with maintenance tags.
  19. Sue Kastle - PLL and MLL. Creating/updating articles about seasons all-star games).
  20. ThatWikiAl - PLL and NLL. Creating articles about top players, recording league statistics.
  21. B1GLAX2 - College lacrosse. Updating season results and creating articles for significant rivalries.
  22. DFC54 - College Lacrosse Team Pages and PLL
  23. Jsfxmn - Various pages(mainly field lacrosse, will also work on women's lacrosse as I see it, very little box lacrosse) as I find them and work on them, if you see an article that needs work, tell me on my talk page, I'll see what I can do!

Inactive Edit

(users that haven't edited lacrosse content in over a year)

  1. CanbekEsen (Talk) -- I don't know much of lacrosse, but I'd be glad to copy-edit or clean-up any articles.
  2. Vincent Ree (Talk) -- Albany Attack mostly.
  3. JamesTeterenko (Talk) -- mostly interested in the Calgary Roughnecks of the NLL -- hopefully, I'll get some more pictures in the season
  4. Doradus (Talk) -- I don't have a ton of time to spend on Wikipedia these days, but I'll help where I can.
  5. Wwwhhh - Primarily Australian Lacrosse, but keen to help improve all articles.
  6. RedSkull619 -- I can help with the MLL articles, mainly the Baltimore Bayhawks; I can also sort through for reworking on grammar and writing style for any article
  7. Racer38 - I can help with most lacrosse articles currently on Wikipedia.
  8. J71- Mostly BC box lacrosse, I can help with player pages as well.
  9. lesserm - Mainly Ohio and Midwestern lacrosse. Can help with MLL
  10. AmandaWins - I can help with basically anything, esp. clean-up, and college and high school lacrosse teams and rules.
  11. Joe - I've created all the brackets and pages for the NCAA DI Tourney since 2003.
    • Added some earlier tournament brackets. Will add and 8 team bracket template.
  12. Sekuloguy. I am a huge Long Island Lizards fan and can help on that article. I can also help on the MLL article.
  13. Amaryllis25 - I'd like to help on college entries and on women's lacrosse entries.
  14. The Founders Intent - I'd be glad to research things for folks.
  15. Panicpack-NLL/MLL/Western
  16. Bvalx2005
  17. BricoleurHistory of Lacrosse in British Columbia
  18. Xander756 - NLL
  19. Mherr - NLL/MLL/High school and college lacrosse
  20. MNLax8 - New to wikipedia. College player, experienced and knowledgable stringer. I'd like to help out with stick technology and stringing technology/technique, and can help with NCAA and MCLA college lacrosse.
  21. Mitico (talk) - General interest
  22. Strikehold (Talk) – College lacrosse, particularly teams in Maryland
  23. Epeefleche - general interest
  24. MrCasteMania - MLL and Youth Lacrosse
  25. Da Drewster -
  26. Smith03 (Talk) -- I have no real knowledge of the game but am willing to work on MLL and NCAA (college). glad to see someone start a project for it
  27. MattBinYYC- NLL, mostly the Calgary Roughnecks. Sporadic edits.
  28. Diogenes00 - Interested in NCAA D1 Lacrosse, specifically JHU. I'll try to add some of the better-known college players of the last 20 or so years...
  29. MrShamrock. Huge Victoria Shamrocks fan, I got them covered. Will also contribute to other WLA teams and players' pages.
  30. LaxKeeper (Talk) - Fan of women's college lacrosse
  31. jc121383 - NLL

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It is very important that these articles are dealt with quickly because they can easily become candidates for deletion.

There are no unreferenced BLPs tagged by Template:WikiProject Lacrosse.

New articles Edit

New articles older than one year are archived to here: Wikipedia:WikiProject Lacrosse/New articles archive.

Please feel free to list your new Lacrosse-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please). Any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them should be suggested for the Did you know? box the Main Page.

Note: If you remove something from here, please archive it to the New Articles page.

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Images Edit

For images of lacrosse and lacrosse-related things check the Wikimedia Commons at commons:Category:Lacrosse. Also make sure to check commons:Category:Lacrosse in the United States which has a lot of good action shots.

Logos Edit

League and team logos should contain this:
{{Non-free logo|sports logos}}

Fair use template for logos Edit

Note that logos (teams, leagues, etc.) require a "Fair use" tag and rationale. Here's the page from Image:BaltimoreThunder.png as an example:

{{Non-free media rationale
|Description    = Logo of the [[Baltimore Thunder]] lacrosse team (now defunct)
|Source         =
|Article        = Baltimore Thunder
|Portion        = Entire image
|Purpose        = for fair use:
*This image is a low-resolution image of the logo.
*This image does not limit the copyright holder's ability to profit from the original source, nor will it dilute the importance or
recognition of the logo in connection with its organization.
*This image enhances the article in which it's displayed, as it provides an immediate means of visual identification of the subject to
the reader more capably than the textual description alone.
*Use of the logo visually identifies the organization in a manner that mere prose cannot, and meets all criteria in WP:NFCC.
|Resolution     = Yes
|Replaceability = Not replaceable

Templates Edit

National Lacrosse League Edit


{{NLL Arenas}}:

{{NLL seasons}}:

Major League Lacrosse Edit

{{Major League Lacrosse}}:

{{MLL Stadiums}}:


{{NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championships}}:

Premier Lacrosse League Edit

{{Premier Lacrosse League}}:

Roster templates Edit

There are two player templates; one for actual rosters and another for lists.

The {{Player}} template should be used for rosters and roster templates, where the {{Lacrosse player list}} template should be used for lists.

{{Lacrosse player start}}
{{Lacrosse player list | no=num | pos=pos | nat=Canada | name=name | other=other }}
{{Lacrosse player mid}}
{{Lacrosse player end}}

Which looks like this:

No. Position Player
num   pos name (other)
No. Position Player

Other Edit

{{Field Lacrosse Leagues}}:

Infoboxes Edit

Place these infoboxes at the top of the respective articles

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Note that some categories may be subcategories of more than one category.

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{{User:MrBoo/Userboxes/WikiProject Lacrosse}}
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