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This is a list of members of Wikipedia:WikiProject Islam. If you wish to join, please add your username to the list. Members can add the following userboxes to their userpage: {{User WikiProject Islam}} or {{User WikiProject Islam/Userbox2}}.


  • If you're knowledgeable in one or several Islamic fields, please describe it in Expert Wikipedians in Islamic issues. Although this will not lead to more authority, others will find from whom can ask their questions.
  • Though we recognize that edit count does not necessarily determine the quality of the user nor of his/her edits, but as a guide consider placing yourself in the active member's list if you have made over 1000 edits on Islam-related articles here on the English Wikipedia.
  • Please study and follow the Manual of Style in Islamic-related articles before editing. Thanks!

List of active membersEdit

  1. User:Janjua Rajpout
  2. User:M.k.m2003
  3. User:MezzoMezzo
  4. AssassiN's Creed (talk)
  5. User:Wiki id2 (Wiki id2(talk) 09:51, 27 April 2014 (UTC)
  6. sa.vakilian
  7. Uncle Ed - I would like to see Muslim thought described accurately and fairly at Wikipedia. I am Jewish by birth, Christian by conversion, and Unificationist by choice.
  8. Rob C (Alarob)
  9. --I.W 10:14, 4 January 2007 (UTC) I'm a Muslim.
  10. Arteyu ? Blame it on me ! 14:13, 22 February 2009 (UTC) — Have interest in promoting the religion.
  11. User:Nostalgia of Iran
  12. Technophant - open minded Bahá'í. Interested in Islam, history and current state, the Islamic State in Iraq.
  13. Owais khursheed (talk)
  14. Ahmed Nisar - As an admin in Urdu and Telugu wikis, I have contributed to Islam related topics. In English and Hindi wiki too I am interested in contributing on Islamic & miscellaneous articles. Ahmed Nisar (talk) 15:03, 8 January 2015 (UTC)
  15.  Masum Ibn Musa  Conversation - I'm interested to improve all of Islamic article.
  16. User:FrederickII Interested in Islamic History.
  17. User:Naila Khan A Muslim from Pakistan.
  18. User:VenusFeuerFalle Muslim, especially interested in mythology. Also interested in interreligious dialogue.
  19. Resnjari - interested in Islam and Muslims in the Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia etc), relations between Islam and Orthodox Christianity in the Balkans, the interplay between Islam and Balkan Muslims with nationalism, (historical) persecution of Muslims and anti Muslim sentiment in Europe.
  20.    Umair Sayed 
  21. Bkerensa - I am a Sunni Muslim interested in ensuring articles are sourced with sound information and a neutral point of view.
  22. Saff V.
  23. Lazy-restless- User from Bangladesh.

List of less active membersEdit

  1. Ammar Abdulhameed(Leave me a Message here)
  2.    abdars 
  3. User:Nostalgia of Iran
  4. 'Abd el 'Azeez — InshaAllah hope to contribute my bit towards putting forth authentic Islamic viewpoints wherever possible.
  5. Johnjofe (talk) -- Revert Muslim John Jofe (Now Yahya Jofe) in good contact with Mashaayikh Sunniyyun (the Sunni scholars) in Hijaz, the Middle East, Africa and Europe - a fluent Arabic speaker and writer; an active student of Islamic Studies including Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Hadith, Tafsir, As-Sirah (Islamic History), Al-Adab (Arabic Literature), Usulud-Din (Islamic Theology) and Al-Hukmu Ash-Shar'iyy (the Shariah Law) (UTC).
  6. Francis Here to help the group, and keep the knowledge here balanced and clean, for the sake of Allah insha :)
  7. Tanzeel
  8. Yung_Wei
  9. Suleyman Habeeb (I want to contribute as much as I can and not take part in disputes (if I can))
  10. --Menasim( discuss | Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg ) I'm a Muslim from Saudia Arabia And I like to Help in islam WikiProject
  11. User:7day
  12. Mohammed Malvankar - I am from Maharashtra.
  13. Graphicalx
  14. Palestine48 I will try to take care of the details and Insha'allah the broader picture will become clear.
  15. User:Talib 72 I am a Palestinian-Arab-Muslim, I I am very interested in learning about other religions and I have placed arabic words in Islam related articles.
  16. Ibn battutah 21:54, 3 January 2007 (UTC) My Field is early islamic history will contribute as needed
  17. Aslamt -- I hope to contribute to articles related Islam and Muslims in terms of content, language, formatting, and neutrality.
  18. Arash_zlord
  19. Farhoudk
  20. Miraculousrandomness
  21. Ruminationz - I am an American-born Muslim but dedicated to working towards a comprehensive, as neutral as possible web of Islam-related articles. In particular, I will work at bringing to attention NPOV violations, and resolving disputes amicably.
  22. King of the Arverni
  23. Hanbali - My main focus will be Hanbalism, although, I will from time to time contribute to other areas of the project.
  24. Khalid!
  25. ulayiti (talk)
  26. Svest - I am in this category for the time being. I got some other projects on hand.
  27. Irishpunktom\talk - I keep forgetting about stuff like this, but when I Remember I will help out. --
  28. Zereshk
  29. LatinoMuslim
  30. ςפקιДИτς СФ Гиганты
  31. Chaos
  32. Stoa Hopefully I will be able to contribute to articles about Islam/Muslims for Wiki-readers to benefit from. I would also like to make certain that the information provided on Islamic Wikipedia articles be written proffesionally and without bias.
  33. SeanMcG
  34. User:Angrynight - Self-described NPOV warrior, I doesn't matter that I'm a Muslim, I hate your opinion- whoever you are, and will wipe it clean from this encyclopedia. Hell, I hate my opinion.
  35. Inahet
  36. Sulaimandaud I will try to Contribute as much as I can
  37. Zak
  38. Badbilltucker - Probably only in assessment and directly project-related activities.
  39. Aminullah - Convert; will do what I can
  40. Absar.Turkey
  41. shaherazade - Professor of Islamic Studies and Gender
  42. Omar 180 - Al-sala'am alaykum wa rahmatu Allahi wa baraka'atuh. I am here with a broom and a mub to clean up any mess as good as possible.
  43. ISubmit786
  44. User:ProtectWomen - Interested in women's and children's rights in Islam
  45. Izmaster3000 Peace
  46. Towaru 02:17, 2 April 2007 (UTC) I am a Malaysian Muslim, sometimes, wikipedian try to vandalize Islamic articles, so I'm here to correct them, insyaAllah, and I do not support wikipedia for some reason.
  47. Dr Zafar Shah
  48. Euryalus
  49. AA
  50. Leroy65X
  51. hshiwani - I will try to improve all the smaller articles with references to give them some credit and will try and help with assesment
  52. John Carter - Probably primarily in assessment and helping manage the Wikipedia:WikiProject Islam/Articles and Wikipedia:WikiProject Islam/Recognized content pages
  53. TBC I do not actually believe in Islam, but I'm interested in the subject. By the way, why does there seem to be only one other member?
  54. User:Doc sameer - Trying my best with Sufism related articles.
  55. Peter Deer (talk) 13:33, 28 January 2008 (UTC) - I am particularly hoping to address articles regarding sufism, the mahdi, the Qa'im, the return of Christ (Masih), and the end times. I am also here largely to clean up work by anti-Islamic vandals.
  56. Adyniz I will definately try to help you.
  57. Notedgrant
  58. Wikiplayer13 (talk) Muslim willing to help where I can.
  59. yasirniazkhan A muslim student
  60. radamdeys I am a student of History and Islam, I consider my self Muslim.Period.
  61. asifkhanj
  62. User:Seljuq
  63. Fahidka(talk)
  64. mschweickart Interested in Family Planning in Muslim Communities.
  65. nafSadh wish to contribute, regular in review and reading.
  66. User:Muhammed Jarir Kanji
  67. Jet123
  68. Sartaj - My focus is famous Muslims like Lupe Fiasco and Keith Ellison. Also I plan on making the Latin America Article.
  69. FOA - I'm interested in bringing objectivity to Wiki offerings about Islam. There is a lot more politics here than I anticipated.
  70. User:Techcorp - I will be able to contribute in many ways to clarify and substantiate on Muslim views of Islam.
  71. User:5faizan-My main focus will be Islam-related articles
  72. User:Al-Ghazzālī - i try to improve articles where i can
  73. User:Mikebloke - Convert, I'll find something to do
  74. User:Talibul Ilm
  75. Noah03 (talk) 01:01, 23 July 2008 (UTC)
  76. Lalib5 - Hi, I am a Muslim and a native speaker of English and Arabic. I own quite a few books about Islam and hope to provide sources when people need them.
  77. Zakariya bin Dana
  78. DaffodillmanBritish Muslim willing to help where I can.
  79. Syed Kazim
  80. RozafaaaI will concentrate on mosques. I would like to see that every significant mosque and in every country is covered at least with some references. Also I would work on hijab related articles.
  81. User:Guru42
  82. MFHEagle123 I will provide information wherever I can and I do my best to clear misconceptions about Islam.
  83. Wikieat i am studying islam from my aunty!
  84. Razimantv Alt Happy to help
  85. Goat999
  86. abubakrmohd Out of 114 articles describing 114 chapters of Holy Quran, more than 70 of them are classified as stub and more than 90 articles provide no context of the verses. My attempt would be contribute towards improving each article describing the chapter of Holy Quran by providing context behind the verses.
  87.  Nasir | ناصر یونس   have a chat 
  88. EuroPride (talk) 13:12, 6 May 2010 (UTC)
  89. HaterofIgnorance (talk) Inshallah, I shall work on this project. I have studied Islamic history and am well-versed in Shia thought. I once was a Wahhabi.
  90. Shefaet Will attempt to standardize 114 Sura articles, in sha' Allah.
  91. Ahmed Khalil
  92. Shaad's space talk - I will try to add citations to clarify Islam-related articles on WP.
  93. Yster76 I am a Muslim, and I try to do what I can to present Islam in an accurate way.
  94. Bosstopher
  95. Nersy
  96. Sub-Continental Analyst
  97. Mpolat I am knowledgeable on Islam in Turkey in Muslim Scholar Said Nursi and his widely influential movement worldwide. Ready to help or to be helped on working related topics.
  98. Z 01:08, 20 December 2011 (UTC)
  99. khateeb88 I am knowledgeable in Islamic history and will help wherever needed
  100. JohnChrysostom: I find myself categorizing pages for the Islam wiki-project anyways, so I decided to join. I am not a Muslim, but was, and am learned (although I never acquired title) in Shafi'i fiqh, with an emphasis on the jurisprudence of salat. I have a decently broad range of knowledge of Islamic history, especially the first few centuries AH (until the collection of Ibn Majah), but contribute little on Islam proper due to fear of breaching NPOV or falling prey to WP:MPOV. I can read Arabic, if that's needed, and have a library of the primary sources (Koran, ahadith/sunan [all nine], tafsir, sirat, books of fiqh). St John Chrysostom view/my bias 23:38, 20 February 2012 (UTC)
  101. Nawabmalhi My main interests are Islamic History, Kalam, Islam related biograghical stubs and Ahmadiyya topics and everything Islam in general.
  102. MJC.2012
  103. Spartymantz
  104. WaqarAhmedPK I'm a Muslim from Pakistan I like to Help in Islam WikiProject.
  105. Qxukhgiels- Even though I am not a Muslim this religion (as are many religions) is of interest to me. I esp. plan to work in areas of all Muslim denominations. I will also work in both the history/events and current events Islamic-related. -Qxukhgiels (talk) 19:03, 6 October 2012 (UTC)
  106. Persian Aviator (talk) I love Islam.
  107. M.Yousaf72 (talk)
  108. Ali-al-Bakuvi - A European Sunni Muslim, who is interested in languages, history, culture and anthropology of overwhelmingly Muslim ethnic groups. Currently I am involved in translating the articles about Muslim groups in former Soviet countries from ruwiki to enwiki.
  109. User:Omar Choudhry
  110. Masssly I am a Ghanaian Muslim Masssly (talk) 20:07, 1 March 2014 (UTC)
  111. A.A.Wasif | Talk 09:44, 31 March 2015 (UTC) I am a Bangladeshi Muslim.
  112.  sami  talk
  113. User:Arsal200921
  114. User: Aman Ibn Jif Interested in the Quran, Hadiths, and Islamic History.
  115. ~Mohammad Hossain~ 01:49, 2 May 2016 (UTC)
  116. User:Libraryselfie Recent Sunni revert from Australia, have studied Islamic history at university.
  117. User:Factsoverfeelings Historian amateur, helping however I can. Atheistic but proficient in English.
  118. M.Billoo2000 (talk · contribs)
  119. Adsci8 (talk · contribs) Non-Muslim, interested in helping with cleanup
  120. Texas Dervish (talk · contribs) — Muslim revert from Christianity, with some side trips elsewhere; interested in Sufism, religion and science, comparative religion, and interfaith relations
  121. User:Factsoverfeelings Visit Userpage if you wish to know something
  122. Mudasir Habib Student of islamic knowledge. and a medical teacher. My interests are based on authentic source of islam from Quran and Sunnah.
  123. ToBeOrNotToBe02 Muslim scholar; interested in strengthening friendly ties between the West and their understanding of Islam.
  124. AsceticRosé -- Interested in areas like Islamic theology and Islamic Prophets. Also contributes in miscellaneous articles.
  125. Francoisalex2
  126. Diaa Abdelmoneim
  127. Zora
  128. Шизомби Atheist, but some knowledge of islam and arabic.
  129. Wayiran, a Shia Muslim from the Islamic republic of Iran, I'm interested in Quranic articles.
  130. ChimoaziInterseted in history of islam.
  131. Wikipidian
  132. Runehelmet
  133. ALM (I decided to be a member after seeing propoganda articles like redacted)
  134. Netscott
  135. Merzbow
  136. Ariedartin 16:17, 18 June 2006 (UTC) - I'm very keen to help out from a different perspective. But I will still defer to first-hand knowledge.
  137. Mpatel. Every so often, I try to correctly place Islam articles in the best category/categories (instead of dumping them all in Category:Islam). Currently involved in the Mosques task force.
  138. Nielswik(talk) 17:56, 13 October 2006 (UTC) (is this how to join?)
  139. Bazel 21:26, 17 October 2006 (UTC)
  140. MASiddiqui, a Sunni Muslim interested in articles related to Quran and the life of and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
  141. Oniongas (Talk)
  142. Striver - Muslim
  143. a.n.o.n.y.m t
  144. BrandonYusufToropov
  145. F.a.y.تبادله خيال /c
  146. Street Scholar
  147. Quasipalm - I am a strict atheist and have an interest in keeping religious issues on Wikipedia fair, factual, and NPOV. I am not, however, an apologist for any religion.
  148. Tεxτurε - Still finding my religion. Not sure what it will be.
  149. Revolución (talk) - Atheist
  150. Quadell - Buddhist, but very interested in Islam as one of the most important and misunderstood religions. Working to add lots of information in a NPOV voice.
  151. Salman
  152. Aminz
  153. User: Aaliyah_Stevens Long time convert to Islam, particularily frustrated with right-wingers trying to distort Islam or certain Islamic movements in wikipedia.
  154. --TruthSpreaderreply 03:41, 22 December 2006 (UTC)
  155. Kkrystian
  156. Kyaa the Catlord
  157. Armyrifle - Salaam Alaykum. I have knowledge about Shia Islam related topics and things such as responses to criticims.
  158. Misheu - interested in Islamic law and history
  159. rzafar
  160. Atif - Let's make Wikipedia a NPOV portal of knowledge, not full of anti-muslim biases
  161. SJP--SJP 22:53, 5 November 2007 (UTC)
  162. The Quill - Actually a Christian but interested and reasonablly knowledgeable on all three of the Abrahamic Relgions. Main work will be done of templates and on information about the relationships between the Abrahamic Religions.
  163. Marsa Lahminal - I am here to provide assisstance and to improve Islam related articles.
  164. NM Kuttiady Primaly focusing history
  165. Lamb99
  166. Aquib
  167. AdvertAdam talk Experienced in Islam in wester societies: especially in explaining its peaceful truth with reliable sources, including academic studies and linkage between all religions and their holy-books.
  168. Follwerofquran - I shall be adding contect (tafseer) to the 114 chapters of the Holy Quran.
  169. TasneemIslam1025 - I plan to help revise the subpage called "Islam and Domestic Violence." I will write more about this in detail on the talk page.
  170. SVAA - interested in editing articles on Islamic history
  171. M Younis - Have a degree in Islamic studies and interested in Muslim history, art & culture.
  172. Trenchfighter (talk) 09:28, 11 May 2012 (UTC)
  173. Khan
  174. ∗∗Pearz25 (talk) 21:41, 16 June 2012 (UTC)
  175. DanSCohen
  176. Jennyxwen
  177. XapApp
  178. Araz5152 - writer, editor, guide.
  179. Hood Ahmed
  180. Mohamed Raais
  181. Dæmonguy - Determined to fix minor errors when I come across them!
  182. User:Mohammed77uddin, I would like to join. I know about the Salafi madhab--Mohammed77uddin (talk) 12:17, 8 October 2014 (UTC)
  183. User:Calcula2, I am Muslim and i want to show the good side and truth--Calcula2 (talk) 13:13, 9 October 2014 (UTC)
  184. User:Rcrptmncr – Interested in fiqh.
  185. User:Isaiasad2 I'm a Christian, but im interested in Islam particularly the Islamic Golden Age
  186. Cuparsk | ‏الحسين‎
  187. VincentValentine29 - I'll help out where I can, most likely in copy-editing and vandalism.
  188. The Living love (talk)
  189. User:Gyan333