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Things To Do
  1. Work on articles that need cleanup. A randomized short list is here
  2. Work on the collaborations of the month
  3. Create a page for each and every university and college and add {{infobox University}} for it. See the missing list for those institutions still awaiting articles.
  4. Place {{WikiProject Higher education}} on every related talk page.
  5. Ensure all articles, including Featured articles, are consistent with the article guidelines.

WikiProject Universities utilizes many templates for use in general operations, listed by category below:

Infobox templatesEdit

This is a list of "university" infobox templates currently in use.


The main stub for university articles is: {{university-stub}}.

Please categorise these articles by using these more specific stubs when appropriate.

By geography:

By type:


The {{cleanup-university}} template can be used for university or college articles requiring cleanup:

Project BannersEdit

General Project BannerEdit

WikiProject Higher education (Rated NA-class)
This article is within the scope of WikiProject Higher education, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of higher education, universities and colleges on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
  NA  This article has been rated as NA-Class on the project's quality scale.

To ensure that any university-related articles are included in the WikiProject's efforts, please tag the related articles' talk pages with {{WikiProject Universities}}.

You can also use the assessment scale to assign an article a rating. For example, use {{WikiProject Universities|class=B}} to rate an article as a B-Class university article.

Collaboration of the Month BannerEdit

The current University Collaborations of the Month are
Ohio State University
Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman University

Every month two B-, C- or Start-Class higher education-related articles are chosen for you to improve. Be bold!
This COTM is organized by WikiProject Higher Education. (vote for future collaborations or see past collaborations)
This collaboration is effective: May 20, 2011 — June 20, 2011 until someone updates it.
Pick the next WikiProject Higher Education COTM!

  • {{UniversitiesCOTM}} puts the COTM announcement as shown at the top of this page.

{{WikiProject Universities}} includes the ability to denote an article as being a nominated, current, or past COTM. Add the following syntax to the article's {{WikiProject Universities}} template on its talk page:

  • Nominated COTM: {{WikiProject Universities|collaboration-nom=yes}}
  • Current COTM: {{WikiProject Universities|collaboration-now=yes}}
  • Past COTM: {{WikiProject Universities|collaboration-past=[[October 4]]-[[October 18]], [[2007]].}}

Other bannersEdit

University articles tagged with {{WPSchools}} and/or {{WikiProject Education}} should instead be tagged with {{WikiProject Universities}}.

Once an article has been tagged with {{WikiProject Universities}}, there is no need to tag it with either {{WPSchools}} or {{WikiProject Education}}.


Participants in the project can use {{User:UBX/WPUNI}} to add the userbox below to their user page.

 This user is a member of WikiProject Higher education.


You may award the University Barnstar to those you feel have done superb work in the realm of college and university articles. Please remember to sign your barnstars. Use the template here: {{University Barnstar}}

  The University Barnstar
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