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Hi there. You are viewing the page of an inactive Wikiproject. Its founder, Tdslk, would be happy to talk with anyone interested in reviving the project.

Welcome to the Cross-language Editing and Learning Exchange, a new Wikipedia project. It looks like you are one of the first people here. Can you help start the project? We need to let other editors know about the project, especially editors who participate in different languages. You can help spread the word by translating the message below and posting it in an appropriate place on the Italian Wikipedia:

Hello, Would you like to improve your English writing while editing Wikipedia? If so, there is a new project that can help you! It is called the Cross-language Editing and Learning Exchange. It lets you find a fluent English speaker to review articles you write before you post them to Wikipedia. In return, you help your partner write articles for the Italian Wikipedia.

After you have posted the announcement, please delete this box.

This is the page for the Italian/English Cross-language Editing and Learning Exchange.

Before participating for the first time, please read this quick guide.

To add your article, copy the text below and complete it in the appropriate language section.

;[[Link to Draft]]




Please sign your name in the appropriate category.

I am an Italian speaker learning EnglishEdit

I am an English speaker learning ItalianEdit

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