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Hi there. You are viewing the page of an inactive Wikiproject. Its founder, Tdslk, would be happy to talk with anyone interested in reviving the project.

Common questionsEdit

Can I proofread an article even if I haven't written one myself?
  • Sure, but it helps if you can speak the primary language of the author.
What if I don't think the article is notable enough/is not neutral, etc.?
  • Mostly, those judgments should be made at the relevant Wikipedia, not here. However, articles that violate copyrights, are patent nonsense, or are otherwise inappropriate may be removed.
Am I obligated to edit an article by the person who volunteered to edit mine?
  • No, but it would be the nice thing to do. If the topic is something you don't feel comfortable editing, just say so.
Can we do this in two languages that aren't English?
  • This is a new project, and right now it is only set up for people who are learning English or who already speak it. One day, hopefully, it will be expanded so that speakers of any two languages can interact.
How fluent is fluent?
  • For our purposes, you do not have to be a "native speaker" of a language to edit someone else's work in the language, but you should write it very well, so that a reader could not tell your writing from that of a native speaker.
Can I write an original article, or does it have to be a translation of another article?
  • Both are fine.
How do I create a link to Wikipedia in another language?
  • Before linking to the term, add a colon, the language abbreviation, and another colon. For example, [[:es:Intercambio de idiomas]] produces es:Intercambio de idiomas.