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Welcome to the World comics work group of the Comics WikiProject!


The scope of this work group is all articles contained in the Category:African comics, Category:Asian comics, Category:Canadian comics, Category:Mexican comics, Category:South American comics, and Category:Oceanian comics. Please note that Japanese comics (manga) are handled by Wikiproject Anime & Manga.

We are currently undergoing development and expansion, especially with regard to East Asian comics. Please give us your valuable input on the talk page or tackle a project on our to-do list!


To join the World comics work group, edit this section and add *{{User|yourusername}} and any comments to the following list of members in alphabetical order by username. Please add your username to Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics/Participants also.

  • Emperor, Largely working on the categories but I do try and keep an eye on the manhwa and manhua.
  • Eruhildo, manwha and some manhua
  • Hamuhamu, Korean and Chinese comics (manhwa and manhua, respectively)
  • Kaguya-chan, original English-language and German-language manga
  • Murgh, Argentine comics of particular interest
  • WhiteArcticWolf, manhwa and manhua, but I may improve others, too
  • Cloveapple, I'll do some work on earlier Mexican comics
  • Dan_arndt - Interested in Australian comics and Australian comic artists - have created and improved a number of Australian comic related articles.

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View the World Comics detailed to-do list for articles in need of creation.

  • Tag articles with the project template and relevant stub templates.
  • Recruit interested editors.
  • Find and categorize existing uncategorized articles relevant to the project.
  • Interwiki-link and/or translate original-language Wikipedia articles for existing articles (i.e. articles in Korean or Chinese-language wikis).
  • Find English- and original-language publication information for existing articles. Even simple links to those pages will help.
  • Add or verify name and title romanizations, Korean hangul, and Chinese hanzi in existing articles.
  • Clean up "See also" and "External links" sections of articles.
  • Visit the talk page to share your ideas, suggestions, and inquiries.


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