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"RfA is a horrible and broken process"
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Mulher com cesto e couves.jpgEveryone has points of view with inherent cultural biases—recognition is the first step to achieving NPOV.

This editor writes carefully to avoid gender neutrality issues completely.
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To-do list for Cloveapple:
  • user box idea -ask mp
  • try a sample for user box art
  • find article talk page template again (maintain)
    • what wording would work?
  • get scanning software (4 fr PG, P fr K, + that slide one)
  • cat: assistance w/sources?
  • check over scans done at PG's
  • install Adobe 3 :-)
Postit large.jpg

I first signed up for an account back in 2006, but I only did a few edits on one article before wandering off. Now I'm back for real and trying to learn the ropes. I'm working on improving my content skills, trying to get better at helping others, and also editing here and there. I often pick my editing topics based on the highly scientific "Oooh, shiny!" method. Still, I hope I'm contributing something of value along the way.
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I'm no longer a Novato. I just like the picture.

Need something to do?Edit

My searches
CSB stuff
  • Template for Globalize (MUST put an explanation on talk page or it can be removed)
  • check over articles in Task page sections and change assessments as needed
    • mark with new assessment date with: {{updated|date}}
    • for sections that have never been checked or date unknown: {{Update|type=section}}
Error reports from outside the wiki

Templating the irregularsEdit

References & linksEdit



Formats for writing about code without activating it
  • <nowiki></nowiki>
  • write categories as: [[:Category:Apples]] which shows as Category:Apples
  • write templates as:
    • {{tp|cite web}} which shows as {{cite web}}
    • {{tlx|cite web}} which shows as {{cite web}}


AutoB/COI stuffEdit

Ways to share sourcesEdit


"Remember that NPOV (neutral point of view) is a collective goal, not individually achievable".[1]