Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Assessment/Assessment Drive/March—June 2008

WikiProject Biography Spring 2008 Assessment Drive is a three-month long effort to reduce the backlog of unassessed biography articles from 77,071 as of March 14, 2008 to 0 articles by June 14, 2008. It may seem like a long journey but with the right amount of help it can be done! We would love to have your help and you will be generously rewarded for your efforts!

This will be the fourth assessment drive this project has had. The goal of this drive is to eliminate the backlog of unassessed articles. If you have any questions or comments please direct them to the talk page.

Progress on assessing articles


The number of unassessed articles will decrease as a result of this drive, but may increase as a result of articles being tagged with the {{WPBiography}} project banner with the class parameter not filled in. However, the number of assessed articles will increase as values are entered into the class parameters. The number of articles assessed during this drive is the total number of articles assessed on the statistic date minus the number of assessed articles on the previous statistic date as indicated by the Biography articles by quality statistics. The bot that updates this runs every other day, more or less. If you see that this table needs updating be bold and update it yourself. If you want to run the bot, go here. It is very slow though and the server will likely cut you off since the job takes so long.

Statistic date Number assessed
by statistic date
Running total
of assessed articles
421,794 77,071 February 11, 2008 Start Start
432,529 71,734 March 23, 2008 5,337 5,337
434,176 70,843 March 28, 2008 891 6,228
451,372 64,252 May 3, 2008 17,196 23,424
455,931 60,810 May 10, 2008 4,559 27,983
457,970 59,677 May 17, 2008 2,039 30,022
461,048 58,864 May 25, 2008 3,078 33,100
463,356 57,428 June 1, 2008 2,308 35,408
466,972 56,243 June 8, 2008 3,616 39,024
471,595 52,978 June 15, 2008 4,623 43,647



Have you ever assessed an article? If not go to Wikipedia:WikiProject_Biography/Assessment and read up on how to assess an article for this project. If you would like to save yourself a lot of time and easily keep track of how many articles you've assessed you should consider getting Outriggr's script. It has instructions on using it and getting it set up. To keep your counter of articles assessed accurate make sure you don't click the grade you want to give an article more than once, since the script counts how many times you've clicked one of the grade links. Also don't click the count of articles you have assessed. It will reset the counter back to zero. While doing this make sure you give every article the grade it deserves. If you're ready to start assessing articles, put your name down and list what section(s) you're going to do. Good Luck!

Note: Please remember that assessing any article above B-Class (that is GA, A, and FA class) must first receive nomination and pass the criteria of its relative class before they can achieve that status. You can find the nomination and review in its talk page (or its archives).

Want to open 99 links at once? Then get Linky. You must have Firefox, obviously, to install a Firefox add-on. Just install it and select the links you want to open. Right-click them and select open selected links in tabs. It's that simple.

Other Information


If you are unhappy with a particular assessment please go to the assessor's talk page and ask them to review their assessment again.

  • List Class? Don't use this class. Our template doesn't really accept it and we've decided to just assess lists as normal articles.
  • Be sure if you can to add necessary maintenance tags to article that need to be wikified, that lack in-line citations or could use necessary headers.
    Some tags to use:
    {{citations|biography}} - For articles that lack inline citations.
    {{unreferenced|biography}} - For articles that contain no inline citations and/or external links.
    {{notability|biography}} - For articles that may need their notability further clarified.
    {{expert-subject|biography}} - For articles that will need specialized expert attention.
    Remember to add {{reflist}} and/or ==References== section if an article is lacking one or both.

This will help us give a running idea of work that needs to be done once we have finished assessing the articles.



Here you can sign your name and list what section(s) you are working on.

STORMTRACKER 94 Go Irish! Everything

What's Been Done So Far


The following is a list of sections, showing whether or not they have been completed. A section is considered completed if it has been reduced to zero articles at some point during the assessment drive, and has therefore become a simple maintenance task for WikiProject Biography. When a section has been completed cross it out and put Complete by it. Just because a section has been considered complete doesn't mean it is complete. These should be the sections you should check up on often to make sure they stay near 0. If a section is getting out of hand again then remove the "Complete", or, better yet, clean up that section yourself.



For participating in this drive significantly, you will be awarded one or more awards by: (no user decided).

For assessing X articles, you will receive:

There will also be a "race" to see who can assess the most articles.
There will be special awards for the First, Second, and Third Place winners. These are:

1. The Golden Wiki Award
2. The Silver Wiki Award
3. The Bronze Wiki Award

Please note that the awards handed out at the end may be different from the current one posted. For the most updated version, please go to Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Biography/Assessment/Assessment Drive#Awards.



To receive an award, please include your name and the number of biographies you have assessed as part of this drive. Please keep a running total next to your name. Awards will be given by the drive's awards committee after this drive ends. The awards committee will award awards by the instructions in the awards section. However, any editor may award another editor an award, so if you see actions taken during this drive that merit an award, please feel free to show your appreciation

  1. Solar-Poseidon - 6010
  2. Wizardman - 6010
  3. Wildhartlivie - 2030
  4. Marrio - 1710
  5. Bedford - 1135
  6. Belovedfreak - 1030
  7. Shell Kinney - 855
  8. FeanorStar7 - 650
  9. Milk's Favorite Cookie - 350
  10. Tinucherian - 373
  11. KGV - 85
  12. Bernstein2291 - 80
  13. Cattus - 20
  14. Cam- 20