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- these archives contain only resolved entries, and exist as a record.

This is an archive of a log of all articles moved into or out of the English Wikipedia via the Transwiki scheme. Please see Wikipedia:Transwiki log for the current log. All entries listed here have been resolved. To help in resolving current entries, see the instructions at the top of the transwiki log.

Moved to en.wikibooks.orgEdit

Moved to en.wikisource.orgEdit

Moved to en.wikiquote.orgEdit

Moved to en.wiktionary.orgEdit

Moved to meta.wikimedia.orgEdit

Moved to es.wikipedia.orgEdit

Moved to fa.wikipedia.orgEdit

Moved to fr.wikipedia.orgEdit

Moved to fi.wikipedia.orgEdit

Moved to hu.wikipedia.orgEdit

Moved to hr.wikipedia.orgEdit

Moved to id.wikipedia.orgEdit

Moved to pl.wikipedia.orgEdit

Moved to pt.wikipedia.orgEdit

Moved to sep11.wikipedia.orgEdit

Moved to tl.wikipedia.orgEdit

Articles moved to the Transwiki namespace of this project, and possibly moved on to the article namespace of this project.Edit

(Please record both moves here)